Waking up in Indonesia

Secondary KLA:
Educational levels:
Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10

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This resource embeds the use of online collaboration tools and 21st century learning skills to support students studying the 100-hour mandatory Stage 4 or 100/200 elective Stage 5 Indonesian courses. Students work collaboratively to research a topic of cultural interest in Indonesia and make a presentation (digital and/or face-to-face) that demonstrates their learning. They investigate key Indonesian words (Stage 4) and conduct an Indonesian Q&A interview (Stage 5) related to their chosen topic.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(LIN4-8U) identifies that language use reflects cultural ideas, values and beliefs

(LIN5-8U) explains and reflects on the interrelationship between language, culture and identity

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACLINC095) Interact with Indonesian peers and texts, noticing what and how language is being used, and considering own reactions and how these relate to own language and culture[Key concepts: norms, assumptions; Key processes: monitoring, relating]

(ACLINC096) Participate in learning and using Indonesian, noticing how aspects of identity such as family background, age, school and interests impact on intercultural exchange[Key concepts: self, profile; Key process: noticing]

(ACLINC112) Engage with Indonesian peers and texts, recognising how own cultural assumptions, practices and beliefs influence language and content, and choosing whether and how to make adjustments[Key concept: intraculturality; Key processes: questioning assumptions, reflecting]

(ACLINC113) Interact with others, monitoring how identity influences intercultural exchange, and reflect on own identity and the diversity of Indonesian identities[Key concepts: identity, diversity; Key processes: monitoring, comparing, reflecting]

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Indonesian language, Collaborative learning, Project-based learning, Regional culture
Brainstorming, Communication activity, Critical thinking activity, Oral activity, Practical activity, Project, Research project
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State of NSW, Department of Education
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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

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