Syllabus bites – speedy sliding

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Year 7, Year 8

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Child sliding down a snow slope on a saucer disc sled.

This is the first in a series of Syllabus bites related to transformations on the Cartesian plane aimed at Stage 4 Mathematics. Students find the coordinates of image points after translation. In doing so, they develop fluency in using coordinates and familiarity with the Cartesian plane, providing a basis for the investigations and problem-solving activities in later Syllabus bites in this series.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(MA4-11NA ) creates and displays number patterns; graphs and analyses linear relationships; and performs transformations on the Cartesian plane

(MA4-3WM ) recognises and explains mathematical relationships using reasoning

(MA1-1WM) describes mathematical situations and methods using everyday and some mathematical language, actions, materials, diagrams and symbols

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACMMG181) Describe translations, reflections in an axis and rotations of multiples of 90° on the Cartesian plane using coordinates. Identify line and rotational symmetries

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Interactive Resource
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Translation (Geometry), Cartesian planes
Data manipulation and interpretation, Interactives, Modelling, Problem solving, Questioning techniques
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State of NSW, Department of Education
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Thursday, 5 September 2019

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