Using a Quadrat

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Year 11, Year 12

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Students use this resource consisting of eight slides with diagrams, written explanation and voice-over to understand how to use a quadrat to estimate a plant population size. There is a two-question quiz and a summary slide.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(SC5-7WS) processes, analyses and evaluates data from first-hand investigations and secondary sources to develop evidence-based arguments and conclusions

(SC5-14LW) analyses interactions between components and processes within biological systems

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACSSU176) Ecosystems consist of communities of interdependent organisms and abiotic components of the environment; matter and energy flow through these systems

(ACSIS165) Plan, select and use appropriate investigation methods, including field work and laboratory experimentation, to collect reliable data; assess risk and address ethical issues associated with these methods

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Interactive Resource
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Populations (Ecology)
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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

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