Finding your frame

Secondary KLA:
Creative Arts
Educational levels:
Year 9, Year 10


Finding your frame

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Developing a concept by making artworks from found objects. Explore how artist, James Powditch, assembles found objects to create artworks inspired by his love of film.

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACAVAM125) Conceptualise and develop representations of themes, concepts or subject matter to experiment with their developing personal style, reflecting on the styles of artists, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists

(ACAVAM126) Manipulate materials, techniques, technologies and processes to develop and represent their own artistic intentions

(ACAVAM127) Develop and refine techniques and processes to represent ideas and subject matter

(ACAVAM128) Plan and design artworks that represent artistic intention

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Resource type:
Interactive Resource
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ScOT topics:
Drawing, Visual arts
Analysis, Interactives, Practical activity
State of NSW, Department of Education
State of NSW, Department of Education
Date created:
Thursday, 15 October 2020

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