Laptop wrap – parallelendicular

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Year 8, Year 9, Year 10

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Students construct a series of GeoGebra applets that investigate the parameters, gradient and intercepts of straight lines. They reinforce this knowledge with Microsoft Math 3.0. 

NSW syllabus outcomes

(MA4-11NA) creates and displays number patterns; graphs and analyses linear relationships; and performs transformations on the Cartesian plane

(MA5.1-6NA) determines the midpoint, gradient and length of an interval, and graphs linear relationships

(MA5.2-9NA) uses the gradient-intercept form to interpret and graph linear relationships

(MA5.3-8NA) uses formulas to find midpoint, gradient and distance on the Cartesian plane, and applies standard forms of the equation of a straight line

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACMNA193) Plot linear relationships on the Cartesian plane with and without the use of digital technologies

(ACMNA294) Find the midpoint and gradient of a line segment (interval) on the Cartesian plane using a range of strategies, including graphing software

(ACMNA238) Solve problems involving parallel and perpendicular lines

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Interactive Resource
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Equations, Lines, Parallel lines, Perpendicular lines, Gradients, Cartesian coordinates, Cartesian planes
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State of NSW, Department of Education
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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

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