Waters of Kamay

Primary KLAs:
Human Society and its Environment, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Educational levels:
Year 3, Year 4

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Painting of waters at Kamay with text 'Waters of Kamay'

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This learning sequence explores the salt and fresh waters of Kamay Botany Bay, its importance as a life source and the cultural connection it has to the Aboriginal people living at Kamay. Water is essential for life. It nourishes our bodies, our lands and supports all life on earth. It is home to wondrous and significant species that play a vital role in food webs as well as food sources for the world's people. It provides a conduit for travel and became the path that led the HMB Endeavour to the shores of Kamay in 1770. This resource is one part of the 'Endeavour – eight days in Kamay' resource.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(HT2-3) describes people, events and actions related to world exploration and its effects

(HT2-5) applies skills of historical inquiry and communication

(ST2-1WS-S) questions, plans and conducts scientific investigations, collects and summarises data and communicates using scientific representations

(ST2-2DP-T) selects and uses materials, tools and equipment to develop solutions for a need or opportunity

(ST2-6MW-S) describes how adding or removing heat causes a change of state

(ST2-7MW-T) investigates the suitability of natural and processed materials for a range of purposes

(GE2-3) examines differing perceptions about the management of places and environments

(GE2-4) acquires and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACHASSK062) The importance of Country/Place to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples who belong to a local area

(ACHASSK063) How the community has changed and remained the same over time and the role that people of diverse backgrounds have played in the development and character of the local community

(ACHASSK083) The diversity of Australia's first peoples and the long and continuous connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to Country/Place (land, sea, waterways and skies)

(ACHASSK084) The journey(s) of AT LEAST ONE world navigator, explorer or trader up to the late eighteenth century, including their contacts with other societies and any impacts

(ACHASSK086) The nature of contact between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and others, for example, the Macassans and the Europeans, and the effects of these interactions on, for example, people and environments

(ACHASSK088) The importance of environments, including natural vegetation, to animals and people

(ACSSU046) A change of state between solid and liquid can be caused by adding or removing heat

(ACSSU049) Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another

(ACSHE050) Science involves making predictions and describing patterns and relationships

(ACSSU074) Natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties that can influence their use

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State of NSW, Department of Education
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