The Mathematical Toolkit

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Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12


A 2D Shapes tool that can be used to create geometric objects such as quadrilaterals, circles, triangles, lines, arcs, rays, segments and vectors on a coordinate grid. Plot and label the vertices to reveal the internal angles, side lengths, area and perimeter, then manipulate the shapes on a grid to transform their shape and position. Graphs of algebraic functions can be superimposed. The charting tool can be used to input lists of data and create various statistical graphs including bar graphs, pie charts, box and whisker plots and scatter graphs.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(MA4-17MG) classifies, describes and uses the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals, and determines congruent triangles to find unknown side lengths and angles

(MA5.1-11MG) describes and applies the properties of similar figures and scale drawings

(MA4-12MG) calculates the perimeters of plane shapes and the circumferences of circles

(MA4-11MG) MA4-11MG

(MA5.1-7NA) graphs simple non-linear relationships

(MA5.2-10NA) connects algebraic and graphical representations of simple non-linear relationships

(MA5.2-8NA) solves linear and simple quadratic equations, linear inequalities and linear simultaneous equations, using analytical and graphical techniques

(MA5.3-9NA) sketches and interprets a variety of non-linear relationships

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACMMG196) Find perimeters and areas of parallelograms, trapeziums, rhombuses and kites

(ACMMG202) Establish properties of quadrilaterals using congruent triangles and angle properties, and solve related numerical problems using reasoning

(ACMMG200) Define congruence of plane shapes using transformations

(ACMNA296) Graph simple non-linear relations with and without the use of digital technologies and solve simple related equations

(ACMMG221) Solve problems using ratio and scale factors in similar figures

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