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Primary KLA:
Human Society and its Environment
Secondary KLA:
Human Society and its Environment
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Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8

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This resource is a page supporting the Stage 3 unit 'Gold!' with selected links to information, interactive games, challenges, videos, a podcast, related literature and activities for students and teachers, including the task-based resource Gold: Shaping our identity.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(HT3-1) describes and explains the significance of people, groups, places and events to the development of Australia

(HT3-2) describes and explains different experiences of people living in Australia over time

(HT3-5) applies a variety of skills of historical inquiry and communication

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACHHK095) The impact of a significant development or event on a colony; for example, frontier conflict, the gold rushes, the Eureka Stockade, internal exploration, the advent of rail, the expansion of farming, drought.

(ACHHK096) The reasons people migrated to Australia from Europe and Asia, and the experiences and contributions of a particular migrant group within a colony.

(ACHHK097) The role that a significant individual or group played in shaping a colony; for example, explorers, farmers, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, humanitarians, religious and political leaders, and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

(ACHHS099) Use historical terms and concepts

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