How are you feeling? – Early Stage 1

Primary KLAs:
English, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Science and Technology
Educational levels:
Early years, Foundation


Sydney Metro Inquiry-based Learning Resources. Students and teacher with safety hats on.

© State of New South Wales, Department of Education.

This unit was written for students in Early Stage 1 with autism spectrum disorder and/or moderate intellectual disability (IO/AU). The unit was created, trialled and peer reviewed as part of a professional development program in inquiry-based learning for primary and secondary school teachers. The professional development courses were part of a pilot partnership between the NSW Government’s Sydney Metro transport agency and Western Sydney University.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(ENe-1A) communicates with peers and known adults in informal and guided activities demonstrating emerging skills of group interaction

(ENe-6B) recognises that there are different kinds of spoken texts with specific language features and shows an emerging awareness of some purposes for spoken language

(PDe-10) uses interpersonal skills to effectively interact with others

(PDe-3) communicates ways to be caring, inclusive and respectful of others

(GEe-1) identifies places and develops an understanding of the importance of places to people

(ST1-1WS-S) observes, questions and collects data to communicate ideas

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Resource type:
Teacher guide
ScOT topics:
Inquiry-based learning, Scientific inquiry, Sense of place, Communication skills, Autism, Students with disability, Cognitive impairment
State of NSW, Department of Education
State of NSW, Department of Education
Date created:
Monday, 9 December 2019

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