Thomas Keneally – Lachlan Macquarie

Secondary KLAs:
English, Human Society and its Environment
Educational levels:
Year 7, Year 8, Year 11, Year 12


In this resource Thomas Keneally assesses Macquarie’s role in development of NSW.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(HT3-1) describes and explains the significance of people, groups, places and events to the development of Australia

(HT3-2) describes and explains different experiences of people living in Australia over time

(HT3-4) describes and explains the struggles for rights and freedoms in Australia, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACHHK094) The nature of convict or colonial presence, including the factors that influenced patterns of development, aspects of the daily life of the inhabitants (including Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples) and how the environment changed.

(ACHHK095) The impact of a significant development or event on a colony; for example, frontier conflict, the gold rushes, the Eureka Stockade, internal exploration, the advent of rail, the expansion of farming, drought.

(ACHHK114) Experiences of Australian democracy and citizenship, including the status and rights of Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders, migrants, women, and children.

(ACHHS104) Identify points of view in the past and present

(ACHHS123) Identify points of view in the past and present

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Resource type:
Moving Image
ScOT topics:
Australian History, History, Historical sources
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State of NSW, Department of Education
State of NSW, Department of Education
Date created:
Thursday, 12 November 2009

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