Syllabus bites – Cartesian coordinate system

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Year 5, Year 6

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Drawing of square ceiling tiles with flies crawling on them.

This Bite is an introduction to the history, terminology, components and use of the Cartesian coordinate system. After completing the resource, students can proceed to six related Syllabus bites modules focusing on transformations on the Cartesian plane.

NSW syllabus outcomes

(MA3-1WM) describes and represents mathematical situations in a variety of ways using mathematical terminology and some conventions

(MA3-2WM) selects and applies appropriate problem-solving strategies, including the use of digital technologies, in undertaking investigations

(MA3-3WM) gives a valid reason for supporting one possible solution over another

(MA3-8NA) analyses and creates geometric and number patterns, constructs and completes number sentences, and locates points on the Cartesian plane

Australian curriculum content descriptions

(ACMMG143) Introduce the Cartesian coordinate system using all four quadrants

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Cartesian planes, Cartesian coordinates
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State of NSW, Department of Education
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Thursday, 5 September 2019

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