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Monash Q Project

Research Report

Mark Rickinson



The Q Project, launched at Monash University on Monday 26 November 2018, is set to benefit 80,000 Australian students and 200 schools across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. The five-year study of research use in primary and secondary schools and classrooms will be the first of its kind ever conducted in Australia. “The Q Project (Quality Use of Evidence Driving Quality Education) will work side-by-side with the education profession and education departments, to better support teachers and schools to understand how best to apply the right research for their particular improvement challenges and student needs,” said Q Project Director and Associate Professor Mark Rickinson from Monash University Faculty of Education. “It will also help teachers and school leaders to become more confident and skilled users of research evidence through professional learning.”

Title File name/URL File type & size Date Description
Monash Q 16-Sep-2020 Website for the Monash Q Project
Monash Q publications 16-Sep-2020 Monash Q publications
Monash Q Monash_Q_Project_QURE_Discussion_Paper_Summary.pdf Monash_Q_Project_QURE_Discussion_Paper_Summary.pdf 2265 KB [pdf] 05-Oct-2020 Summary
QURE Discussion Paper Monash-Quality-Use-of-Research-Evidence-discussion-paper.pdf Monash-Quality-Use-of-Research-Evidence-discussion-paper.pdf 12281 KB [pdf] 05-Oct-2020 Paper
Q - Suite Publication 08-Dec-2020 Q-Suite Publication
Monash Q - Q Suite Summary Monash_Q_Project_Overview_and_Q_Suite.docx Monash_Q_Project_Overview_and_Q_Suite.docx 18 KB [docx] 16-Feb-2021 Q Suite Summary
Research and Evidence Use in Australian: Early Insights from Educators QProject_Research_and_Evidence_Use_in_Australian_Schools_Summary_Report_(1).pdf QProject_Research_and_Evidence_Use_in_Australian_Schools_Summary_Report_(1).pdf 754 KB [pdf] 30-Mar-2021 Report