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The Archibull Prize 2020 Evaluation of Outcomes


SERAP Report

Dr Nicole McDonald



The Archibull Prize is an innovative hands-on program that sees students research a local agriculture related area of investigation and express their findings through multimedia and art – specifically a life size fibreglass cow. ‘The Archies’, as they are affectionately known, have reached over 300,000 students and chalked up some impressive successes. This application is to conduct research measuring the outcomes achieved through the Archibull Prize. Similar to prior years, (past SERAP application number 2019374) data collection will include teacher entry and exit surveys and student entry and exit surveys.

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The Archibull Prize 2020 Evaluation of Outcomes SERAP_2020275_Report_-_The_Archibull_Prize_2020_Evaluation_of_Outcomes_-_McDonald.pdf SERAP_2020275_Report_-_The_Archibull_Prize_2020_Evaluation_of_Outcomes_-_McDonald.pdf 3411 KB [pdf] 10-May-2022 Report
The Archibull Prize 2020 Evaluation of Outcomes 10-May-2022 Website