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Research - Let's look at spelling

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Dr Lorraine Beveridge and Jane Lieschke



We wish to raise awareness that the quality texts that teachers use in their literacy classrooms, and the words that students use in their own writing, are incredibly powerful tools to teach spelling in context, drawing on the reciprocity of the reading-writing connection. Explicit teaching is necessary in order to ensure that students develop a deep knowledge and understanding of this complex aspect of literacy (NSW Department of Education, 2016c). The English K-10 Syllabus and the National Literacy Learning Progression (NLLP) (ACARA, 2018), outline what good spelling looks like in practice, drawing on student work samples as evidence to scaffold teachers in identifying what students can do and providing suggestions for where to next in their spelling instruction. These resources work in tandem to support teachers in teaching spelling, as a tool for writing, in the writing process.