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Mission Australia 2020 Youth Survey Report


SERAP Report

Dr Joann Fildes



Mission Australia’s Youth Survey is an annual survey that aims to identify the values, aspirations and issues of concern to young people. Participants are from a range of communities across Australia and from diverse socioeconomic, cultural, religious, gender and ability backgrounds. The survey was developed by Mission Australia to strengthen the organisation’s capacity to support young Australians in need. As such, the Youth Survey aims to inform policy, research, service delivery and intervention strategies related to young people, and provide a platform to advocate to governments (local, state and federal) on behalf of young people for policy changes that address need. The 2019 Youth Survey results received a high level of media interest--with media reach of around one in six Australians on the day of the launch in November 2019--and reports from previous years have also been referenced in academic research and government discussion and policy papers related to youth.

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Mission Australia 2020 Youth Survey 18-Nov-2020 Report