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Getting Evidence Moving in Schools (GEMS)


SERAP Report

Belinda Parker



Teaching is a dynamic profession and, as new evidence about teaching and learning emerges, new types of expertise are required by educators. Teachers must keep abreast of this evidence base and use it to continually refine their pedagogical skills. In recent years there has been a growing commitment towards enabling better use of reliable evidence to improve student learning and educational outcomes. While much is said about the importance of evidence, it is thought that teachers often struggle to convert the evidence that does exist into actionable plans to use in their classrooms. Teachers may face a shortage of time to engage with research, an overload of information to process, and material that is not contextualised to practice. This has resulted in a need for effective strategies that can build the capacity of teachers to embed evidence use in their everyday teaching practice. Yet, processes around the effective use of evidence in Australian schools is currently not well understood. Project GEMS has been developed to address this gap through an investigation into the way research evidence is used in schools. The project will seek to improve the effective use of evidence in Australian primary schools by creating evidence-based guides on key topics in primary school literacy and numeracy, and then investigating the features of different professional learning models that build educators’ capacity to use the evidence in these guides.

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Getting Evidence Moving in Schools GEMS 14-Dec-2020 Report
Getting Education Evidence Moving in Schools Report GEMS-Investigation-Paper_(1).pdf GEMS-Investigation-Paper_(1).pdf 4231 KB [pdf] 18-Dec-2020 Report