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Reaching Homes and Families Feasibility Study

Research Report

Hardy LL, Palacios T, Jakstas T, Shah S



The SALSA Reaching Homes and Families intervention was initially designed as a three-arm controlled pilot study in which schools were going to receive either (1) the SALSA program plus the web-based intervention, (2) the SALSA program alone or (3) the usual PDHPE lessons. However, after reviewing the study design, the SALSA Research Advisory Committee recommended the intervention should be conducted as a feasibility study to assess the efficacy, including acceptability, usefulness and, relevance of the intervention before proceeding to a controlled pilot study. The aim of this study was therefore to assess the feasibility of engaging students to promote lifestyle changes in their homes and with family members. Specifically, the study aim was to encourage year 10 students, who participated in the SALSA Peer Leader training to work with their families, using a web-based intervention, to make healthier food choices and increase physical activity within their home. The study involved: 1. Developing and evaluating a web-site based on the standard four SALSA lessons with a range of resources and home activity tasks and 2. Assessing change in students’ behaviour and in the home in terms of the food environment and family physical activity in two high schools in western Sydney.

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Reaching Homes and Families Feasibility Study Reaching_Homes_and_Families_Feasability_Study_Full_Report.pdf Reaching_Homes_and_Families_Feasability_Study_Full_Report.pdf 1895 KB [pdf] 10-Mar-2021 Report