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Impact of chronic health conditions and injury on school performance and health outcomes of children: pilot study


SERAP Report

Dr Rebecca Mitchell



Report and Journal Articles of research for the overall objective is to examine school completion, education performance and health outcomes of children who have been hospitalised with an injury or a chronic health condition (i.e. diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, or mental health conditions). This will be a population-based case-comparison study of injured or chronically ill children aged ≤18 years at the date of admission for their index hospitalisation in NSW. It will include a matched population-comparison group. The research will involve linkage of records from the NSW hospitalisation data to school outcomes from the National Assessment Plan for Literacy and numeracy (NAPLAN), school enrolment information, school completions (year 10/11/12), and healthcare utilisation and outcomes (i.e. emergency department (ED) presentation, ambulatory mental health client contacts, mortality). The comparison group will be selected from the NSW registry of births.

Title File name/URL File type & size Date Description
Report 19-Oct-2021 Report
Injury and School Performance 03-May-2022 Journal Article
Type 1 diabetes and school performance 03-May-2022 Journal Article
Mental health and school performance 03-May-2022 Journal Article
Asthma and school performance 03-May-2022 Journal Article
The impact of childhood epilepsy on academic performance: A population-based matched cohort study 16-Jun-2022 Journal Article
Time in hospital sets back tens of thousands of children’s learning each year, but targeted support can help them catch up 16-Jun-2022 Article
Risk of impaired school performance in children hospitalized with concussion: a population-based matched cohort study 01-Jun-2023 Article