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National Research Applications

The NSW Department of Education accepts the National Application Form, which is available on the Australian Association for Education Research (AARE) website for researchers intending to conduct schooling research in more than one educational jurisdiction. This form has been developed to streamline the approval application process for researchers who have the option of completing a single National Application Form and submitting it via email to each participating jurisdiction.

In order to progress your application in NSW, principal researchers are asked to:

Download and complete the National Application Form from the AARE website, following the guidelines provided

Register in SERAP online

Complete your researcher profile 

Click "Create SERAP" and type in a Title and SERAP password for your research project

Send the completed National Application Form, SERAP number and SERAP password to so that we can assist with the rest of the application 

Since the National Application Form differs slightly from the NSW system, SERAP online, we will contact you to confirm the accuracy of the information we enter on your behalf. You will be contacted once we have entered in your application information so that you can review the contents, upload the signed agreement and click Submit in SERAP online. 

After the SERAP application has been submitted, we will forward the application to officers within the Department with expertise in the area of the research, for assessment. You may be asked to respond to questions and comments about your applications by logging in to SERAP online. 

Most SERAP applications take between 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of the research application and whether any modifications are requested by assessors.

If you have any queries, please contact us.