New professional learning package to support schools in the achievement of wellbeing target

This professional learning package (PDF 101KB) will assist schools to recognise the strategic interconnection between physical activity and wellbeing as they plan for the 2021-2024 School Excellence Cycle. It will also provide practical advice and support to help schools reach and potentially exceed their system-negotiated wellbeing target through a whole-school approach to sport and physical activity.

Students running on track

Representative school sport

Parents, teachers and students can find representative sport event information, regional and state level schools sports associations and state results.

Disability and Participation

These programs provide additional sporting and physical activity opportunities for students attending government schools. They include participation opportunities and opportunities for students with disability.

Student in wheelchair race

School programs

Teachers can find information and register for school based programs that provide opportunities for students to participate in sport and physical activity.

Student in sport practice

Policy and guidelines

Teachers and school leaders can find requirements and guidelines for implementing safe sport and physical activities in NSW public schools.

Group of students with sport coach

Professional learning

Teachers can search through the professional learning calendar for workshops in sport and physical activity or select from school based professional learning courses.

News and updates

School Sport history now live!

This history timeline showcases some of Australia's finest sportsmen and women who developed their skills in the nursery of NSW public schools.

Updated guide (5.11.20) for schools on the return to school sport and physical activity

This practical guide (PDF 42KB) provides information for schools on the return to school sport and physical activity.