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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 6.12 Touch Knockout Competition – Boys and Girls

Amended 2015

6.12 Touch

6.12.1 Refer to General Knockout Rules.

6.12.2 Rules and conditions

Competition is to be on an open primary age basis, i.e.

(a) Pupils must be thirteen (13) years or under in the year of the competition.

(b) All matches will be played according to Standard TFA Rules unless otherwise stated.

6.12.3 Rules

(a) All teams will consist of a maximum of fourteen (14) players, with a maximum of six(6) players on the field.

(b) Each team is permitted to make unlimited substitutions ensuring equitable time for all players.

(c) Substitutions shall take place from one designated sideline.

6.12.4 Duration of play

(a) Games shall be twenty (20) minutes each way with a five (5) minute half time.

6.12.5 Drawn games

(a) In the event of a draw the "Drop off" system will be used.

(b) In the final, if the game is drawn, both teams shall be declared joint winners.

6.12.6 Home school

In addition to the "Duties of the Home School" as stated in Section 6.1.5 (d) the following requirements shall apply:

(a) Provide a clearly marked field (using witches hats) to the following dimensions:

Length: Minimum 60m – Maximum 70m
Width: Minimum 45m – Maximum 50m

(b) Provide 0ne (1) Junior sized touchball.

(c) Provide, where possible, qualified referee(s).

6.12.7 Medals

Fourteen (14) medals will be awarded to the winning school team and fourteen (14) medals to the runners-up on the day of the final plus one (1 ) medal for each Team Coach and one (1) medal to each school.

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