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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 7 – Interstate Championships

Amended 2013

Section 7.1 General

7.1.1 Interstate Championships may be conducted by School Sport Australia in the following sports:

Athletics – boys and girls
Australian Football – boys
Basketball – boys and girls
Cricket – boys and girls
Cross Country – boys and girls
Football – boys and girls
Golf – Boys and Girls
Hockey – Boys and Girls
Rugby League – Boys
Rugby Union – Boys
Softball – Boys and Girls
Swimming – Boys and Girls
Tennis – Boys and Girls
Touch – Boys and Girls

Participation in these championships to be determined annually by NSWPSSA

7.1.2 Applications for the position of Manager and/or Coach shall be forwarded, by the closing date, to the SEO NSWPSSA with Principal's and Sports Association's recommendations.

7.1.3 State teams will be selected at State Championships in accordance with the rules for each sport. The number and age of players/competitors shall be in accordance with School Sport Australia rules.

7.1.4 Conditions of entry – state teams

(a) Each team member will be expected to up-hold a standard of behaviour worthy of a state representative.

(b) All team members will be under the full control and supervision of the Coach and/or Manager/s for the duration of the interstate championship.

(c) Should the team management rule that any misconduct is of a serious nature, a team member may be escorted home as a disciplinary measure. In such a case the Team Manager will inform the parents, who will be expected to cover any extra costs involved in returning the team member to his/her home.

(d) It is recommended, but not obligatory, that all team members travel to the Championship venue with the team. Parents wishing to make alternative arrangements for their child's travel must contact the SEO NSWPSSA within one (1) week of selection, otherwise return travel will be booked for all team members.

(e) A team levy will be set by the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association to cover the cost of travel(where required), apparel, host state levy, accommodation(where required) and any other expenses which can reasonably be expected to be met by the team members. These expenses are to be listed on the information sheets to parents.

(f) All team members will be required to attend the educational excursion and any other functions organised for the New South Wales team.

(g) All team members must have the consent of their School Principal.

(h) Parents will be expected to cover the cost involved in transporting team members to the designated team assembly point, and from Sydney to home, at the conclusion of the Interstate Championship.

7.1.5 The introduction of any new Championships comes only as a result of agreement between the Chief Education Officers of the jurisdictions concerned.

When New South Wales desires to participate in a new Championship it is necessary to present a submission to the Schools Sports Unit for the Director's approval.

7.1.6 Approval to conduct interstate Championships or sports visits

(a) Where a Championship or an Interstate sports visit involving State representative teams is to be undertaken, the approval of the Secretary Department of Education or a delegated officer is required. Parental consent forms, in the prescribed form, are required before any child is included in Interstate sports visits. The request for approval should be forwarded through the Schools Sports Unit for the Director's approval at least two (2) months before the proposed date of departure. Where requested details should be given of the:

Purpose of the sports visit;
Numbers and ages of the pupils involved;
Proposed dates of the visit;
The location(s) to be visited, including a detailed itinerary;
The mode of travel and the transport company; means of financing the visit;
Supervision and accommodation arrangements.

(b) Information not available two (2) months beforehand should be provided as soon as possible thereafter.

(c) For all Interstate Championships and /or Visits involving travel team management must complete an Authority to Travel form and submit it to the SEO NSWPSSA prior to travel.

7.1.7 Billeting (homestay)

From January 1 2015 NSWPSSA will not participate in or offer billleting (homestay) for School Sport Australia Championship events.

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