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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 7.2 – Duties of a Team Manager

Amended 2013

7.2.1 At least seven (7) days prior to departure confirm with and/or collect from the SEO of NSWPSSA:

(a) Travel details: relevant to the individual team members.

(b) Equipment.

(c) All team documentation relevant to participation in and attendance at the SSA Championship.

(d) Managerial accommodation.

(e) Expenses for the Manager and the Coach.

7.2.2 Forward travel

(a) Arrive at the point of departure 1 hour prior to scheduled departure time.

(b) Check team members travelling with the team management.

(c) Check in luggage of staff and students where required.

(d) Check that parents (where necessary) are aware of all details of return travel.

(e) Supervise boarding and conduct in transit.

(f) Advise SEO NSWPSSA and host Championship Management of any alteration to travel details, team lists information immediately.

7.2.3 On arrival at venue

(a) Check all Championship details with the convening Championship Management and advise team members accordingly.

7.2.4 During the Championship

(a) Distribute equipment and supervise use of that equipment during the Championship.

(b) Supervise conduct of team members at all times.

(c) Co-operate with the host Championship Management at all times.

(d) Note details of injuries received by players and ensure that the necessary medical attention is sought.

(e) Attend all functions/activities arranged by the host State.

(f) Compile the necessary information for the report.

(g) Be responsible in the event of inclement weather for the welfare and behaviour of team members.

7.2.5 Completion of Championship

(a) Collect all equipment.

(b) Ensure that names and addresses necessary for letters of appreciation are forwarded with the Team Manager's Report.

(c) Ensure that team members are aware of return travel details.

(d) Notify the SEO NSWPSSA and parents of any alterations to return travel.

7.2.6 Return travel

(a) Arrive at departure point 1 hour prior to scheduled departure time.

(b) Check in luggage and check team members travelling with the team, boarding. Make suitable arrangements in the event of absent team members. Notify the SEO NSWPSSA if necessary.

(c) Supervise conduct and travel arrangements for children including those with further travel.

7.2.7 On return

(a) Return equipment within 14 days to the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association office indicating loss or damage if necessary.

(b) Submit a written report within 7 days to the SEO NSWPSSA. Any information of a confidential nature, e.g. behaviour problems, should be forwarded to the SEO NSWPSSA on a separate sheet.

7.2.8 General

(a) Co-operate with the Coach in the overall conduct of the Championships.

(b) Ensure that all receipts of expenditure incurred by Team Managers and Coaches are forwarded to the SEO NSWPSSA with the Team Manager's Report together with any outstanding claims or accounts.

(c) Discuss with team members prior to departure desirable conduct and attitudes while on tour.

(d) Make suitable arrangements for the control of pocket money and the protection of valuables.

(e) Should the team management rule that a team member should be escorted home, because of any misconduct of a serious nature, the SEO NSWPSSA should be notified immediately.

(f) Each Coach and Manager will receive travel, accommodation expenses and a daily allowance as determined by the Annual General Meeting.

A Manager of a state team will be given a minimum grant of one hundred dollars ($100) for incidental expenses. He/she must forward receipts of expenditure, together with the balance, if applicable, when forwarding the Team Manager's Report.

(g) Money given to Team Managers for advanced incidental expenses is to be used to ensure the wellbeing and adequate care of the children under their charge.

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