Section 5.17 - State Carnival Organisation

Amended 2016

Refer to General State Carnival Rules.

5.17.1 General check list

Please refer to the general check list document.

5.17.2 During the carnival

(a) Managers' meeting

Notify and/or discuss the following:

General organisation
Carnival rules
Barbecue/excursion, etc.
'Social Evenings'
Transport for Managers.

(b) Each day

The follow to be looked after by the Carnival Manager and/or assistants:


Ground markings complete
Equipment in place
Score board when available
P.A. System working
Apprpriate catering ready

Before commencement:

Managers taken to venue
Umpires ready
Teams at correct grounds

During play:

Timing system operating
Score cards distributed
Water/Ice distributed
Change/toilet facilities in order
Collect and compile results

After day's play:

Equipment collected
Facilities left in a tidy state
Managers transported to accommodation
Results to appropriate media outlets

Daily check list and after carnival check list.

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