Section 6: Approved sports – activities and specific rules

Amended 2014

6.12 Lawn Bowls

6.12.1 Lawn Bowls knockout competition - girls and boys

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Knockout Competitions" - Sections 5.2

(a) All matches will be played according to the "Laws of The Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Edition", except as amended below.

(b) The competition shall be between triples teams.

(c) Each school may enter one team.

(d) For the purpose of accommodation/billets, where country teams are involved, any of the final sixteen may be asked to act as 'host' teams.

(e) The home side shall arrange for a bowling club to act as the controlling body, and shall ensure an umpire is provided.

(f) The CHS Lawn Bowls convener shall be deemed the ultimate "controlling body" for all appeals. Any other dispute or protest – refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Disputes and protests" - Section 5.2.7 .

(g) All games should be completed by the due date. Should an extension be required due to weather, CHS office or CHS Lawn Bowls convener must be informed on the due date by the HOME team, or that team will be disqualified.

(h) Uniforms will be white, cream, or club approved colours or RNSWBA approved colours, unless school uniform is approved by the controlling body for the matter. Members of each individual team must be in similar attire.

(i) Where a match cannot be completed due to weather, the team leading shall be declared the winner, provided a minimum of seven (7) ends have been completed. If seven (7) ends have not been completed the match shall be replayed.

(j) A normal match will consist of twenty-one (21) ends. A match may be shortened by mutual agreement between teams provided that a maximum of twelve (12) ends are played.

(k) All games will be three (3) bowl triples.

(l) Knockout final series

(i) All games will be three (3) bowl triples.

(ii) All play up to the final series may be on a knockout or round robin basis. Round robin is the preferred method as it maximises participation and minimises school disruptions. However, each region is free to choose how they determine their regional representative(s).

(iii) Each of the ten regions will have one team in the final sixteen. The next six positions go to the best performed regions at the previous year's CHS championships.

(iv) The final series teams will be divided into four (4) sections of four (4) teams.

(v) Teams in each section will play each other once to determine the winner.

(vi) Section games will be over twelve (12) ends. In the event of inclement weather games may be shortened. Two (2) ends roll up will be permitted prior to the commencement of the first game.

(vii) In the event of there being less than four (4) teams in a section, teams will play each other team in that section once.

(viii) The section winner will be determined by:

The team having the most wins.

If more than one team has the same number of wins, then the winner will be the team with the highest number of shots up.

If more than one team has the same shot margin the winner will be the team with the greatest number of ends won over all the sectional games.

If all things are still equal then the teams will play off over three (3) ends to determine the winner and if still equal then sudden death.

(ix) Semi-finals and final will be fifteen (15) ends with the winner of section A versus the winner of section B, and the winner of section C versus the winner of section D. The two winners will play the final and the two losers will play off for third place over twelve (12) ends.

(x) At the end of sectional play 2nd, 3rd and 4th in each pool play off for positions 5 – 16. These games will be played over twelve (12) ends.

(xi) The "Laws of The Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Edition" rules will apply for this competition.

6.12.3 Lawn Bowls State Championships

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "State Championships (team sports)" – Section 5.3

(a) Rules:

(i) The "Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Edition" will apply for this competition.

(ii) Correct dress and behaviour is essential on and off the green.

(iii) Players are restricted to designated regions of the host club.

(iv) All reasonable requests of the host club and CHS officials must be adhered to.

(v) The controlling body may alter the conditions of play to ensure the successful conclusion of the event.

(b) Entries:

The Lawn Bowls Team will total eight (8) players which will consist of two teams of four (4). Teams must be nominated prior to the commencement of play. Any changes to the sides must be lodged with the CHS convener prior to the start of each new game.

(c) Duration of games:

All games will be of twelve ends except in the semi-finals and final which will be fifteen ends.

(d) Organisation:

(i) The competition is based on a pennant format. Winners will be decided by the total number of shots scored at the end of the match.

(ii) Four points are allocated to each match. The winner of the match receives two points and one point is awarded for each game win in that match or half a point each for drawn games.

(iii) The competition will be played as a round robin in two pools of five teams. At the end of the round robin teams will play semi-finals, final and classification rounds.

(iv) Placings in each pool will be decided on the total number of points awarded in the rounds. If points are equal then it will be decided by the winning margins, if equal by winning ends. If it is still tied each team will play sudden death end.

(v) Points will not be awarded for cross over selection matches which are played outside their pool.

(vi) If scores are deadlocked in the final then teams will play sudden death until a winner is decided.

Semi-final rounds
Match Details
1 1st pool A vs 2nd pool B
2 2nd pool B vs 1st pool B
3 3rd pool A vs 4th pool B
4 4th pool A vs 3rd pool B

 5th pool A and 5th pool B play a selection trial.

Finals and classification rounds
1st and 2nd Winner match 1 vs winner match 2
3rd and 4th Loser match 1 vs loser match 2
5th and 6th Winner match 3 vs winner match 4
7th and 8th Loser match 3 vs loser match 4
9th and 10th 5th pool A vs 5th pool B

(vii) Schedule of play

Day One – Three games
Day Two – Three games includes semi-finals
Day Three

One game final and classification rounds
Presentation and announcement of CHS teams

(e) Protests:

(i) All disputes must be referred to the disputes committee. The initial protest may be lodged verbally but must be lodged in writing within two (2) hours of the incident of dispute occurring.

(ii) The disputes committee will comprise of the CHS convener, championship manager and one other appointed person preferably a regional convener.

(f) State selection

(i) The selection panel for the NSWCHSSA Team will consist of five selectors, the CHS convener (Chair) and four managers, elected at the Lawn Bowls Sub-committee Annual General Meetings.

(ii) A side of ten players will be selected.

(iii) Two reserve players will also be nominated in case there are any withdrawals. The reserves will only be named and tour if required.

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