Section 6: Approved sports – activities and specific rules

Amended 2014

6.18 – Football

6.18.1 Football knockout competitions – boys and girls

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Knockout Competitions" – Section 5.2

(a) Competitions

The competitions shall be organised by the Soccer sub-committee of the New South Wales Combined High Schools Sports Association.

(b) Entry

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Eligibility of Students" - Section 5.2.

(c) Draws

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "The Draw" – Section 5.2.

(d) Venues

(i) Venues for round of 16, quarter finals, semi-finals and final shall be decided by the sub-committee when the participating schools are known.

(ii) Note:

Night fixtures may be scheduled for quarter finals series, semi- finals and finals on dates and venues to be decided by the soccer sub-committee.

(e) Conditions of play

(i) Each player shall be correctly attired with distinguishing number and shin pads. (As per FIFA rules).

(ii) The home team: refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Determination of Home and Away Games" - Section 5.2.

(iii) The home team shall:

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Fixtures" – Section 5.2. – Supply a full size ground adequately marked, flags and nets, and a neutral certificated referee, where possible. Every attempt should be made to obtain the best grounds possible.

Note: A visiting team which elects to play on the grounds provided forfeits the right to use unsuitability of the grounds as a basis for later protests.

If the appointed certificated referee fails to arrive for the match or a neutral referee cannot be appointed, the match must still be played. a referee must be selected by mutual consent of both managers or failing this the visiting manager shall nominate a referee.

Make available a copy of the rules under which the competition is played to the referee.

Two Assistant Referees, preferably qualified. – Supply a team sheet. Team sheets may be copied from the ones supplied in the Combined High Schools Bulletin. Where no official team sheet is available, the game should still be played.

The Manager of the home team is required to draw up a team sheet for the game.

It is to be signed by both Managers and the referee and sent to the Convener.

Supply an alternate strip to be worn by the home team in the event of a clash of colours. In the event of a clash of colours in a promoted game, both teams are to supply an alternate strip, a toss of the coin by the Convener or their nominee to decide which team is to change.

(iv) Each match to be played on or before the date set down by the Football sub-committee. It is strongly recommended that the game be played earlier than the closing date for each round or teams risks disqualification.

(v) Valid extensions of time can be granted ONLY by the convener or his/her nominee.

(vi) For all matches including finals:

Each match shall be thirty-five minutes each way with an interval of five minutes.

Time out taken due to injury shall be added on after each half.

If the match is drawn on goals, after a break of five minutes, ten minutes of sudden death extra time will be played each way. The first team to score will be declared the winner.

If the match is still drawn on goals after playing of extra time, the result shall be decided by the taking of five penalty kicks from each team- taken alternately by five different players. If the result is still drawn, alternate kicks will be taken by other members of the team until a winner is found.

Unlimited Interchange, as per team sheet.

A maximum of 16 players per team to be listed on the official team sheet.
Matches to be played according to the rules of FIFA except as amended.
The Football Knockouts sub-committee is prepared to organise and promote night fixtures at any stage of the competition. When a game is then promoted by the sub-committee, the schools shall:

Forfeit home ground advantage.

Transfer renumeration to the New South Wales Combined High Schools.

Retain within the draw their home and away position as listed in the NSWCHSSA Handbook "Determination of Home and Away Games" – Section 5.2

(f) Referees rulings

(i) The referees decision on points of fact concerning the games are final and protests will not be considered by this sub-committee.

(ii) The referee is to submit a report in writing on the back of the team sheet to the Combined High Schools Football Knockouts sub-committee if a player is sent from the field of play so that appropriate action can be taken.

(g) Results

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "Results" – Section 5.2

(h) Supervision

It is strongly recommended that teaching staff be allocated to supervise students representing their school as players and spectators at Combined High Schools Football Cup fixtures.

6.18.2 Soccer State Championships

Refer NSWCHSSA Handbook "State Championships (team sports)" – Section 5.3

(a) Number of players

Team squads are limited to fifteen players.

(b) Uniform

Shirts must be numbered 1 to 15 and must not be interchangeable. Individual regions are responsible for an alternate playing shirt subject to a clash in any given fixture. The second mentioned team in the draw will change playing shirts. The alternate strip is to be provided at no additional cost to region team members.

(c) Footballs

Balls will be supplied by sub-committee sponsorship where possible. (size 5)

(d) Duration of games

The duration of each match shall be thirty minutes each way. No time off for injury. Five minutes half time. Semi-finals and finals, thirty minutes each way. Injury time in final only.

(e) Replacements

Boys – Interchange is permissible.
Girls – Interchange is permissible.

(f) Assembly of teams

Teams must assemble and be ready to play five minutes before scheduled kick off.

(g) Pools

The ten Regions divided into two pools. A round robin to be played within each pool.

Regions will be allocated in the following pools, based on results from previous year.

Pool A – 1, 4, 5, 8, 9
Pool B – 2, 3, 6, 7, 10


Winner Pool A v 2nd Pool B.
Winner Pool B v 2nd Pool A.

There will be no play-off for 3rd and 4th positions. 3rd and 4th positions will be determined by position in pool. In the event of a tie, points, goal difference then coin toss will decide placing.

(h) Point score


Win – 3 points
Draw – 2 points
Loss – 1 point
Forfeit – 0 points

(i) Drawn round robin

In the event of teams finishing on equal points after the round robin section, placings are decided on head to head result then goal difference, if still equal then the highest number of goals for. If still equal a penalty shootout will decide a deadlock in placings in any pool.

(j) Drawn – semi-final or final

In the event of a draw semi-final or final ten minutes of sudden death extra time will be played each way. The first team to score will be declared the winner. If still equal five penalty kicks to be taken alternatively by five different players. If still equal, one each until one team is ahead.

(k) Judiciary

A committee comprising Combined High Schools Football convener, championship organiser and two elected team managers shall comprise the judiciary. Any player receiving two (2) yellow cards in the pool games will receive an automatic one match suspension. Players receiving a red card will receive an automatic one match suspension and may be required to appear before the judiciary for further action.

Any appeal must be lodged in writing prior to the scheduled meeting time of the judiciary.

Yellow card records recommence in semi-finals and play off fixtures.

(l) Disputes

A committee comprising Combined High Schools Football convener, championship organiser and two elected team managers shall comprise the disputes committee. Any dispute must be lodged in writing with the championship organiser before 6:00 pm on the day of the event and dealt with by the disputes committee before 9:00 am the following day.

A manager elected to the judiciary from the same region as an appearing player must stand aside for the subsequent hearing.

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