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Section 3 – Administration

NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 3 – Administration

Amended 2019

3.1 – Secretariat and general administration

3.1.1 Notices of motion

Any proposals from a committee, DoE Sports Association, invited Association or State councillor should be forwarded to the SEO to enable a Notice of Motion to be publicised. Notices of Motion are to be sent to councillors, Life Members, Executive and Conveners at least ten (10) days prior to the relevant Council meeting.

3.1.2 Allocation of state championships

All State Championships should be allocated on a rotational basis between the DoE Sports Associations and invited Associations.

3.1.3 Association uniforms

The design and colour of invited Association uniforms shall be registered with the State Association. Any proposed changes in association uniforms are to be notified to the State Association which shall then decide as to whether the changed uniform may be worn at New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association State Championships.

3.1.4 Notification of association appointments

Upon the appointment of a member of the Council to a position within the Association the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association advises the appropriate Association's Sports Officer and the appointee's School Principal or relevant Director, Public Schools of the appointment. In the letter of notification should be stated the conditions in relation to such matters as relief, use of telephone and duties pertaining to the particular appointment.

3.1.5 Invitations

Invitations to all State Championships and Interstate Championships conducted by the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association are to be sent to:

Minister, Department of Education
Secretary, DoE.
Deputy Secretary, DoE.
Departmental officials as deemed necessary.
Leader, School Sport Unit;
Members of the Executive; and
Life Members.

3.1.6 Variations to Championship

The introduction of any new championship comes only as a result of agreement between the relevant Chief Officer of Education concerned. When New South Wales desires to commence a new championship it is necessary to prepare a draft letter to the New South Wales School Sport Unit for the Secretary's signature, together with a submission giving reasons for the championship and the request for approval. 

Guidelines for sporting competitions seeking to become NSWPSSA approved sporting competitions Preliminary Information 

(a) Sports seeking endorsement entry to become NSWPSSA competitions must be “Approved Sports of the Department of Education” as indicated in the “Sport and Physical Activity in Schools, Safe Conduct Guidelines". Implementation Guidelines 

(a) A sport sub-committee to be established that will be prepared to nominate an interim co-ordinator who will prepare a submission for presentation as a “notice of motion” to the NSWPSSA council. 

(b) This co-ordinator will be a permanent or temporary teacher employed by the NSW Department of Education, Catholic or Independent Education systems. Sport Submission 

(a) Short and long term goals 

(b) Budgetary planning and full resource implications (eg. relief days) 

(c) Proposed calendar 

(d) Proposed handbook inclusions 

(e) Format of competition - State Championship (team) 

(f) Sub-committee composition: 

Seven (7) members, all permanent or temporary teachers from seven different sports associations. 
Each sub-committee member to be endorsed by their sports association. 
Each sub-committee member will be responsible for liaison with their particular sports association The co-ordinator to liaise with the respective "state sporting organisation" and other interested bodies to ensure an integrated submission, as necessary, is prepared. Before endorsement can be granted to a sport, a definite commitment in principle to compete in this program, and provide the necessary resource to enable this to happen, must be given by eight (8) sports associations. For entry as a new sport in the NSWPSSA program, any such sport must first have been successfully conducted as a knockout competition, gala days and special initiatives for a period of two (2) years . Timelines 

For sports seeking to access the NSW Primary Schools Sports Association Program, the submission for entry must be forwarded as a “notice of motion” for consideration no later than the term 2 council meeting, the year prior to the intended participation. 

3.1.7 Annual report

The adopted Annual Report (President's Report and Financial Statement) of the Association shall be printed and circulated to the Executive, Councillors, Life Members, State Coaches and Managers of the New South Wales Sports Unit. The Executive shall be authorised to send copies (or part thereof) of the Annual Report to areas of advantage to the State body.

3.1.8 Reports/knockout draws/correspondence

(a) The Executive will notify Council of late and unsatisfactory work submitted by Conveners, Championship Managers, DoE Sport Coordination Officers and invited association Officers, Team Coaches and Managers and Event Officials.

(b) The SEO will only write correspondence on behalf of the Association, where a draft is submitted.


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