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Section 4 - Convener roles and responsibilities

NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 4 – areas of responsibility for elected conveners

Amended 2014

4.1 To organise and administer their sport within the framework of the NSWPSSA in a manner that will bring credit to the Association, the schools from which the children are drawn and will be of educational and sporting value to the participating children.

4.2 Following election, Conveners should form a committee which may include DoE and invited Association Conveners of that particular sport and hold regular meetings to discuss all matters related to the objectives of the NSWPSSA as expressed through their particular sport in New South Wales Public Schools. Membership of the committee is to be submitted to the Council of the Association for information and endorsement.

4.3 To submit a management plan which will include any new initiatives (including the use of an assistant convener and the duties contained therein), budgeting, plans for the implementation and development of the sport over a minimum of two years and seek approval from the NSWPSSA for the management plan prior to its implementation.

4.4 To forward the minutes of all committee meetings to the SEO of the NSWPSSA no more than seven (7) days after each meeting.

4.5 To provide publicity for their particular sport in light of instructions received from the NSWPSSA Council or Executive. Copies of all approved publicity material should be forwarded to the SEO of the NSWPSSA for filing.

4.6 To notify the SEO of the NSWPSSA of all correspondence requirements so that they can be sent out over the name of the SEO or the President of the NSWPSSA.

4.7 To promote and assist in fund raising activities for their particular sport.

4.8 To liaise with the appropriate Sports Coordination Officer to assist in the organisation, conduct and management of State Championships.

4.9 To attend, subject to Executive approval, State Championships to assist in the conduct of the actual Championship and, where appropriate, selection of State teams.

4.10 To submit, within fourteen (14) days, on the approved form to the SEO of the NSWPSSA a report on State and/or Knockout Championships conducted by the Convener.

4.11 To attend NSWPSSA Council meetings as required.

4.12 To ensure that all representative teams for their particular sport conform to the dress regulations of the NSWPSSA. To work with the SEO of the NSWPSSA to ensure that orders of all gear required for their particular sport, e.g. suits, tracksuits, shorts, shirts, jerseys, socks, bags, ties, pins, pennants, which may be required at some stage during the year, are placed in sufficient time to be available at the required time. Gear must be ordered through the SEO of the NSWPSSA. Arrangements for team photographs are the responsibility of the Convener.

4.13 To submit an annual written report on his/her sport prior to the end of October or fourteen (14) days after the final championship of the year, whichever is the later. This report should include photos of representative teams, and where possible, action shots and press coverage.

4.14 To make available to the SEO of the NSWPSSA at the appropriate time, all information and memoranda which are to be circulated to schools.

4.15 To prepare, in conjunction with the SEO of the NSWPSSA, all correspondence including letters of appreciation and congratulations to personnel who have assisted and supported the organisation of each championship; such correspondence is to go out over the signature of the SEO of the NSWPSSA.

4.16 On behalf of the NSWPSSA to liaise with relevant structures of their particular sport to encourage and foster support for that sport at school level.

4.17 To be responsible in association with the SEO of the NSWPSSA for the organisation, conduct and management of all State knockout competitions in that particular sport.

4.18 To comply with the general rules covering the conduct of knockout competitions as set out in the NSWPSSA Handbook or the minutes of Council meetings.

4.19 To monitor all rules and information pertinent to competition in their particular sport and to recommend, where necessary, updating of the Handbook of the NSWPSSA.

4.20 To ensure that all rules contained in the Handbook of the NSWPSSA, which apply to their particular sport, are strictly adhered to in all competitions.

4.21 To assist and liaise with the SEO of the NSWPSSA in all matters relating to proposed trips/visits involving their sport (e.g. itinerary, finance, correspondence, venues, travel arrangements, accommodation and so forth).

4.22 To recommend a calendar for their particular sport, and to submit this calendar to the NSWPSSA before the 1st April in the year prior to that which the sport's calendar covers. Such a calendar is to be accompanied by a suggested budget.

4.23 To ensure that an accurate and up-to-date record of all competitions and match results are forwarded to the SEO of the NSWPSSA, on the designated report sheets. To ensure that such results and results are posted on the School Sport Unit website.

4.24 To ensure that before the sport proposes to incur a financial deficit, full consultation is had with the SEO and Treasurer of the NSWPSSA.

4.25 To seek Executive approval, through the Senior Education Officer of the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association, prior to finalising a detailed budget in respect of all proposed Interstate Exchanges and tours.

4.26 To assist and advise the SEO of the NSWPSSA in all matters relating to their particular sport.

4.27 To advise the NSWPSSA on all matters relating to 'games' that are closely related to their particular sport.

4.28 To keep and maintain a stock register which must be returned to the SEO by 30th November each year.

4.29 It is the responsibility of the Convener or his/her nominee that all money is banked daily.

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