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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 5.3 – Australian Football

Amended 2019

5.3.1 Refer to General State Championship Rules.


(a) Where one (1) association presently participating combines with a new association or associations to enter the State Championship;


(b) Where new associations not previously participating wish to combine to enter a team in the State Championship;


(c) Those associations make application through their respective Association PSSA to the NSWPSSA to combine and compete as one association team. (Refer to Section 5.17.3)

5.3.3 All games should be played in correct attire. Jumpers must be numbered, no two (2) jumper numbers are to be duplicated, or interchanged, except in exceptional circumstances. Eg Jumpers ripped or soiled by blood.

5.3.4 Teams should assemble on the ground sidelines at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.

5.3.5 The duration of games shall be eleven (11) minutes for each quarter with four (4) minutes break at the end of the first quarter, six (6) minutes at the end of the second quarter and four (4) minutes at the end of the third. No time off for injuries.

5.3.6 All twenty-two (22) players shall be permitted to play during any one game using an interchange system provided only eighteen (18) are on the field at any one time.

5.3.7 Drawn semi-finals

In the event of a drawn semi-final extra time of six (6) minutes each way will be played.

If the scores are still tied the ball will be bounced in the centre and the first score will be declared the winner.

5.3.8 Protests

Protests must be lodged, in writing, by the Team Manager (who must be a teacher), to the Championship Manager within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the match.

5.3.9 A tribunal committee

A Tribunal Committee of three shall be formed at the Manager's pre-championship meeting to deal with any protests or with any player reported by an umpire

5.3.10 Protest committee

A protest committee consisting of the Championship Manager and two (2) people elected at the Managers' meeting will hear all protests.

5.3.11 State selection

(a) The selection panel shall be made up of the State Coach, State Convener and a Coach/Manager representing each of the two (2) pools elected at the pre-championship manager’s meeting.

(b) A state team of 23 players will be selected.

(c) Providing sufficient funds are available a further squad of 36 players shall be selected to attend a Development Camp.

5.3.12 Runners

The use of runners will be determined at each championship at the pre-championship managers meeting. One team official acting as a runner from each participating team is to wear a uniform which is distinctive and identifiable to their Area Association team.

5.3.13 Interchange area

Will be the area directly in front of the team manager's interchange area. This coaching area is to be defined at the start of each game. All team interchanges are to take place from this area.

5.3.14 Footballs

In the event of wet weather, heavy dew or muddy ground conditions, wet weather footballs can be used, if available. The championship convener or state convener will be given the responsibility of making this decision.

5.3.15 Football size

The match ball will be of leather or wet weather rubber composition and shall be the size 3 for 12 -13 years.

5.3.16 Association teams shall consist of twenty-two (22) team players with all nominated players taking the field during every match. Injured players and late team withdrawals are the exception to this rule.

5.3.17 The 50 metre penalty rule applied in the National Football League rules shall be replaced by a distance of twenty five (25) metres

5.3.18 A field umpire may order a player from the field of play for:

(a) The remainder of the quarter or

(b) A period of ten minutes or

(c) The remainder of the match

For any action which is a reportable offence under AFL Rules. The penalty is to be conveyed to the appropriate Team Manager immediately after the infringement. The player can be replaced by a reserve player. For serious offences, the umpire has the power to report a player to the Tribunal.

A player dealt with by a field umpire under Rule 5.3.18(c), for deliberate violent play and subsequently found guilty by the Tribunal, shall be deemed ineligible for State Team selection for that year's championship.

5.3.19 Conduct of competition

(a) 12 Team Australian Football Draw

Pool A Pool X Pool Y
Team 1 Team 5 Team 6
Team 2 Team 7 Team 8
Team 3 Team 9 Team 10
Team 4 Team 11 Team 12

Ranked on the previous year's results.

All teams are to play each other once in Pool games. I8 games in Round 1

Pool A, Pool X and Pool Y teams then ranked 1 – 4 after initial round.

Pool A teams and the top 2 teams in Pool X and Y will progress to quarter finals.

Game A – team 1 vs team 8 (2nd place pool Y)
Game B – team 2 vs team 7 (2nd place pool X)
Game C – team 3 vs team 6 (1st place pool Y)
Game D – team 4 vs team 5 (1st place pool X)

Winners progress to semi-final series

Team 1 vs team 4
Winner game A vs winner game D
Team 2 vs team 3
Winner game B vs winner game C
Winner to final – loser to play off for 3rd/4th
Team 1 vs team 2
Team 3 vs team 4

Game E – highest ranked loser V 2nd highest ranked loser 5th/6th
Game F – 3rd highest ranked loser V 4th highest ranked loser 7th/8th

9th to 12th

Game G – 3rd place pool X vs 4th place pool Y
Game H – 3rd place pool Y vs 4th place pool X

9th to 10th

Game I – winner game G vs winner game H

11th to 12th

Game J – loser game G vs loser game H

(b) In each division, each team shall play each other once.

(c) In the event of teams finishing level on points in a division, the placings shall be determined on percentages as per Rule 5.1.10 (b) (iv).

(d) Field umpires will throw the ball up, rather than bounce the ball, during the match.

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