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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

5.4 – Basketball state championship rules

Amended November 2017

5.4.1 Refer to General State Championship Rules.


(a) Teams will be seeded according to last year's State Championship Results

Pool 1 -- Teams 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13
Pool 2 -- Teams 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14

(b) A full round robin draw will operate with each team in a pool playing each other at least once.

(c) Once placing have been decided in the two pools, two semi-finals will be played:

Winner Pool A v Runner up Pool B
Winner Pool B v Runner up Pool A

The winning team in each semi-final will meet in the final. In the event of a drawn final, joint winners will be declared.

(d) The losers of the semi-final shall meet to decide 3rd and 4th place in the championship and the other teams shall play as follows to decide the remaining places;

3rd in each pool will meet to decide 5th and 6th places
4th in each pool will meet to decide 7th and 8th places
5th in each pool will meet to decide 9th and 10th places
6th in each pool will meet to decide 11th and 12th places
7th in each pool will meet to decide 13th and 14th places

5.4.3 Players must wear their Association uniforms with shirts numbered 4 to 15 inclusive (front and back) with no duplication of numbers.

5.4.4 The match ball will be of leather composition and shall be a size 6 ball.

5.4.5 Teams shall be present at court side prepared to take the court at least ten (10) minutes before the match is due to start, or shall risk forfeiting the match.

5.4.6 Games shall be of four ten (10) minute quarters with a minimum warm up time of five (5) minutes. Quarter time and three-quarter breaks will be two (2) minutes with half time three (3) minutes.

The clock will stop for all time outs, injured players and fouled out players. In the last three (3) minutes the clock will stop for every whistle.

Each team is permitted one time-out per quarter.

5.4.7 Association teams shall consist of ten (10) team players. All players are to take the court in each half of the game. The score table are to police the rule by placing an X in the appropriate box on the scoresheet beside the players name as they take the court. Teams who fail to play all players in each half of the game will lose the match by forfeit.

5.4.8 The rules of play shall be those of the New South Wales Basketball Association except that at the Girls State Championship free throws will be taken from a line midway between the regular free throw line and the bottom of the jump ball circle.

At the Boys State Championship free throws will be taken from the regulation free throw line.

5.4.9 The Three Point Line Rule is to be omitted for all New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association Championships.

5.4.10 Drawn semi-final

(a) Extra time shall be three (3) minutes fully timed.

(b) Three (3) minute periods of extra time shall be played until a result is obtained.

5.4.11 Protests

Protests must be lodged, in writing, by the Team Manager (who must be a teacher), to the Championship Manager within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the match.

5.4.12 A judicial committee

A Judicial Committee of three (3) shall be formed at the Managers' Pre-championship Meeting to deal with any protests or with any player reported by an umpire.

5.4.13 Protest committee

A Protest Committee consisting of the Championship Manager and two (2) people elected at the Managers' Pre-championship Meeting will hear all protests.

5.4.14 Static zone defence

(a) Static zone defences (ie any defence played in the half court which does not incorporate normal man on man defensive principles) shall not be permitted. For this purpose, trapping defences, which rotate back to man on man defensive principles shall be acceptable. When monitoring the no zone rule, observers are reminded that if there is doubt regarding the style of defence being played, the benefit of that doubt must go to the defence.

In others words, if you are not sure about the style of defence being played, it is not to be classified as a zone. Where static defence is used, the referee is to issue one warning to the coach and there after a technical foul will be issued for each infringement.

The results in two (2) free throws and possession to the non-offending team.

(b) A committee of three (3) shall be formed at the Managers' Pre-championship Meeting to assist with the enforcement of the Static Zone Defence Rule.

5.4.15 Referees

Each Association attending the State Championship is requested to bring one (1) student referee. This referee would be:

(a) Strong Level 1-0 official;

(b) Selected by Association and travel with the team;

(c) Would travel at a cost decided by the Association.

Officials showing strong performances may be selected to represent the NSWPSSA at the School Sport Australia Championship.

Officials should take part in Association trials.

It is recommended that appropriate approval be sought for the young referee to travel with the team.

5.4.16 In the event of the teams finishing level on points in a pool and round robins, the placing will be determined for and against in the games between the tied teams. If placings are still equal, the team winning the round game between the tied teams will place above the loser of that game. If placings are still equal, Section 5.1.10 (iv) shall apply.

5.4.17 At NSWPSSA Basketball Championship, where the host association does not supply an adult scorer or supervisor, and if a bye situation allows it, teams with a bye will be responsible for the running of the score bench under the direct supervision of the team manager.

5.4.18 The selection committee shall be made up of the State Coach, State Convener and a coach/manager representing each of the two pools to be elected at the Managers' Pre-championship Meeting.

All other Association coach/managers will be consulted throughout the selection process.

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