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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 5.8 – Hockey State Championship Rules – Boys and Girls

Amended November 2021

5.8.1 Refer to General State Championship Rules.

5.8.2 Players shall wear the Association uniform to be clearly numbered.

5.8.3 A full round robin championship will be played where possible.

5.8.4 Each match shall have one clean plastic hockey ball in good condition.


(a) Competing Associations are responsible for providing their own playing equipment – sticks, kickers, etc.

(b) Goalkeepers must wear as part of their protective equipment, a helmet and mask, chest protection, gloves, leg pads and kickers. Should a goalkeeper be incapacitated, suspended, or substituted, the nominated field player, in assuming the privileges of a goalkeeper, must wear a protective helmet and mask, chest protection, gloves, leg pads and kickers. The nominated player shall be permitted to put on protective gear without undue delay.

(c) It is compulsory for all field players to wear shin pads and mouthguards.

(d) Players are not to wear any jewellery. If it cannot be removed, it must be taped to cover.

(e) The use of the 'tomahawk' hit and/or 'drag flick' is not permitted


Pool matches twenty (20) minutes per half for seven (7) team pools and twenty four (24) minutes per half for six (6) team pools with a five (5) minute half time break.

Semi finals and the Final shall be twenty five (25) minutes per half with five (5) minutes half time break.

There is no time off allowed for injury.

5.8.7 Team Managers will act as umpires and scorers, if required.

5.8.8 Umpires will be responsible for recording goals scored on the score card.


(a) A penalty corner, if already awarded, will be taken.

(b) A penalty stroke, if already awarded, will be taken.

5.8.10 Place in pools

When the championship is played in pools, the places in the pools shall be decided as follows:

(a) Points

(b) Goal differences

(c) Greater number of goals for

(d) Goal averages (i.e. goals for divided by goals against)

(e) The result of the game the teams played in the pool

(f) If the teams are still level, a shoot-out competition will be used to determine place in pools, five players from each team take a one-on-one shoot-out alternately against a defender from the other team as set out in this Regulation. ( refer to appendix 11 FIH Tournament Regulations) The shoot out will be overseen by the Convenor or a nominated official in the place of the convenor.

Note: The maximum score difference of nine (9) goals will apply in any match.

5.8.11 Drawn semi-final

In the event of a drawn semi-final, a golden goal extra time situation to apply with the following conditions:

(a) Toss to decide has the ball and the direction of play

(b) In the case of a drawn semi-final, then five (5) minutes each way extra time shall be played, as soon as a goal is scored the game is ended 

(c)If the Score is still  tied after extra time the winner will be that team which has placed higher in their pool at the conclusion of the round robin matches. 

5.8.12 In the event of a drawn final the teams are declared joint winners.

5.8.13 The rules of play and field markings shall be those of the International Hockey Board.

(a) Interchange may be used during the game.

5.8.14 Disciplinary committee

A three (3) person disciplinary committee comprising (a) Championship Manager, (b) SCO or Convener, (c) State Coach or Convener shall be formed at the commencement of each championship to deal with any player sent off for the remainder of the game (red card) or receives two (2) temporary suspensions (yellow card). Team Manager(s) of player sent off plus opposition team manager(s) shall be added to disciplinary committee, if necessary.

5.8.15 Protests

Protests shall be lodged by a Team Manager (who must be a teacher) in writing within thirty (30) minutes of the conclusion of the game in which the protest emanated. The protest shall be handed to the Championship Manager. The protest committee shall consist of three (3) persons:

(a) The Championship Manager.

(b) The Association Sports Coordination Officer or Convener.

(c) The State Coach or Convener.

If either (b) or (c) cannot be filled an alternate (elected at the managers' meeting) not concerned with the game from which the protest occurred, shall substitute.

5.8.16 Interchange

(a) May be made at any time without stopping play.

(b) Is unlimited in number during a game.

(c) Is permitted at any time except that no player shall be changed after the awarding, and before the completion of a penalty corner or stroke.

(d) Is permitted after a player has left the field.

(e) Must be made at the halfway line on the side of the field decided by both teams and umpires.

(f) Shall not apply to a suspended player.

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