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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 5.9 – Netball State Championship Rules

Amended 2019

5.9.1 Refer to General State Championship Rules.

5.9.2 Rules of play

The rules of play shall be those of Netball Australia with the exception of:

(a) Squads will be up to ten (10) players.

(b) The period play shall be four (4) quarters of ten (10) minutes each, with intervals of up to three (3), five (5) and three (3) minutes.

(c) No injury time will be added on.

(d) A maximum score/goal difference of forty (40) goals in any match will apply

5.9.3 Uniforms

Players shall wear the Association uniform. Position bibs must be worn by each player.

5.9.4 A full round robin draw shall be played. Where joint runner–up places occur, all teams will be declared runners-up and be awarded the runners-up medals. Teams finishing on equal points will be awarded equal positions.

5.9.5 Each team shall bring a standard netball (size 5). Match balls are to be supplied by the NSWPSSA.


(a) The host association shall provide score sheets, clipboard and timing apparatus.

(b) Courts shall be marked in accordance with the rules. Goal post protectors shall be provided for all courts to be used for both games and warm up for the duration of the competition.


It is recommended that each association is to provide an umpire if required by the convener in consultation with the host association.


Team Managers will act if required as umpire, scorer or timekeeper.

5.9.9 Protests

Must be lodged, in writing, by the Team Manger (who must be a teacher), to the Championship Manager within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the match.

5.9.10 A judicial committee

A Judicial Committee of three (3) shall be formed if required to deal with any protests or with any player reported by an umpire.

5.9.11 Selection committee

At the Managers' Pre-Championship Meeting, the State Team selectors shall be elected. The State Coach, by virtue of position, shall be one (1) selector. The two (2) other selectors shall be elected from the managers attending.

5.9.12 Blood Policy

(a) An Umpire is required to hold time when a player who is bleeding is noticed or an oncourt player has indicated the presence of blood;

(b) To stop play the Umpire shall blow the whistle and signal the Timekeepers to hold time;

(c) A stoppage for blood is not regarded as a stoppage for injury or illness.

(d) The stoppage shall be up to two (2) minutes from when the time is held to decide whether a bleeding player is to continue.

In addition:

(i) the wound shall be adequately covered;

(ii) blood stained clothing shall be removed or cleaned;

(iii) the ball and the Court shall be cleaned if necessary.

(e)  During a stoppage for blood the bleeding player may be substituted or the position left vacant.

       No other substitutions or team changes are permitted by either team.

(f) To restart play the Umpire shall signal to the Timekeepers and blow the whistle for play to restart.


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