Section 5.12 – Football State Carnival Rules – boys and girls

 Amended 2016

5.12.1 Refer to General State Carnival Rules.

5.12.2 A maximum of 14 players per team. Shirts must preferably be numbered one (1) to fourteen (14) and must not be interchangeable. The goal keeper must wear a distinguishing shirt.

5.12.3 Football shall be size four (4).

5.12.4 Teams shall assemble on the ground side lines at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.

5.12.5 The duration of matches shall be:

(a) Pool matches twenty (20) minutes per half for seven (7) team pools and twenty four (24) minutes per half for six (6) team pools with a five (5) minute half time break.

(b) Semi Finals and the Final shall be twenty five (25) minutes per half with a five (5) minute half time break.


(a) Each team may make unlimited interchanges during a game.

(b) Interchanges shall take place on the sideline at the interchange zone at any stoppage in play after the referees permission has been obtained.

(c) All teams should play each of their players for part of each match, unless they are incapacitated or suspended.

5.12.7 In all matches the referee shall be the sole timekeeper.

5.12.8 Corner kicks shall be taken eight (8) metres from the penalty area. This mark shall be defined prior to the carnival commencing.

5.12.9 The point score for all pool games will be:-

Win – 4 points
Draw – 2 Points
Loss – 1 point


(a) In the case of a tied position in pool placings, positions shall be determined by:

(i) Goal difference

(ii) Highest number of goals scored for

(iii) Corner kick difference

(iv) Highest number of corners for

(b) In games to determine final placings, positions will be determined by, in order

(i) A playoff game i.e. 4th Pool A versus 4th Pool B

(ii) Corner kicks if drawn on goals

(iii) Points gained in pool games

(iv) Goal difference in pool games

(v) Highest number of goals scored for in pool games.

5.12.11 Drawn semi-final

(a) In the case of a drawn semi-final, then five (5) minutes each way extra time shall be played.

(b) If the score is still tied the team with the least number of corners awarded against them (during the whole match including extra time) will be awarded the match.

(c) After extra time when corners are equal the winner will be that team which was placed higher in their pool at the conclusion of the round robin matches.

5.12.12 Drawn final

If, at the end of normal time, the final is a draw on goals, then the two (2) teams shall be declared joint winners. To determine placings for pools, refer to section 5.12.9.

5.12.13 Disciplinary committee

A three (3) person Disciplinary Committee shall be formed at the Managers' Pre Carnival Meeting to deal with any player sent off or cautioned

5.12.14 Protests

Must be lodged, in writing, by the Team Manager (who must be a teacher), to the Carnival Manager within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the match.

5.12.15 Protest committee

A Protest Committee consisting of the Carnival Manager and two (2) people elected at the Managers' Pre Carnival Meeting will hear all protests.

5.12.16 Selection committee

The Selection Committee shall consist of the State Coach and two (2) Region / Association Managers elected at the Managers' Pre Carnival Meeting.

5.12.17 Goal difference

In the spirit of the game of football and in the best interests of the players in the less competitive teams – when working out the for-and-against goal differences to decide pool positions, teams may only be awarded a maximum of a plus-six goal difference for any individual game.