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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 5.15 – Tennis State Championship Rules – boys and girls

Amended 2015

5.15.1 Refer to General State Championship Rules.

5.15.2 Players shall wear appropriate tennis attire.


(a) Team squads shall consist of five (5) girls and five (5) boys. All players shall be seeded. All five (5) team members are to play in each match except in the event of injury or illness. In the event of a girls' team or a boys' team being reduced to four (4) fit players, the opposing team has the option to play only four (4) players. Team managers must declare any non-participating injured player(s) prior to the commencement of the match.

(b) During the championship, movement up or down by one (1) place is permitted round by round.

5.15.4 The Convener will formulate the draw which will be played as a complete round robin where possible.

5.15.5 Where there is only one (1) division, teams will meet each other once. State placings will then be decided on point score.


(a) Where there are two (2) division (pools), teams in each will meet once in rounds.

(b) Semi-finals between pools will then be played in this order:1 v 2 (A), 2 v 1 (B), 3 v 4 (C), 4 v 3 (D), 5 v 6 (E), and 6 v 5 (F).

(c) In the event of teams finishing level on points in a pool, the placings shall be determined on percentages, as follows:

Total sets won/total sets lost x 100/1

If there is still a tie, percentages will be calculated as follows:

Total games won/total games lost x 100/1

In wet weather where the match is played to a result only and the full six (6) sets are not completed, the percentage will be calculated on games won and lost.

(d) Resulting finals and consolation finals will be played thus to determine State placings:

1st and 2nd place – winner A vs winner B
3rd and 4th place – loser A vs loser B
5th and 6th place – winner C vs winner D
7th and 8th place – loser C vs loser D
9th and 10th place – winner E vs winner F
11th and 12th place – loser E vs loser F

(e) For a thirteen (13) team draw, the winner of Loser E vs Loser F fills 11th position. The loser of this match plays the 7th team in Pool B, to decide 12th and 13th position.


(a) The perpetual trophy (The Don Moon Trophy) is awarded to the champion association for combined boys and girls point score. The winners of the Don Moon Trophy will each be presented with a medal.

(b) Each association girls and boys State placings are added together. The association with the lowest aggregate placing is the winner.

(c) If two (2) associations have equal aggregates, they are to be declared joint winners and share the trophy.

5.15.8 Playing arrangements


(i) Four (4) singles sets and two (2) doubles sets for both boys and girls will constitute a match.

(ii) On alternate days the 4 boys singles or the 4 girls singles will commence each match, i.e Day 1 girls singles, day 2 boys singles, day 3 girls singles, day 4 boys singles.

(b) Managers of teams will hand to each other the order of their singles players prior to the commencement of the match.


(i) Order of doubles pairings, which need not be made until the completion of the singles, must also be handed to the Manager of the opposing team.

(ii) If the No. 1 seeded player plays with the No. 2 seeded player in the doubles match that pair will be ranked as the No. 1 doubles pair.

(d) Prior to each set, the winner of the toss will elect to serve or receive in the first game. The loser of the toss then chooses the end of the court at which he/she wishes to begin play.

(e) A hitting up time of three (3) minutes is allowable before each set.

(f) A one (1) minute break is allowed at each change of ends except in the tie-breaker where play should be continued.

(g) In semi-finals and finals, teams with only one (1) Manager should have their boys and girls matches drawn on adjoining courts, where possible.

5.15.9 Results

(a) Sets will be tie-break sets, viz.: first to six (6) games. If the score reaches six (6) all, a twelve (12) point tie-breaker shall be played.

(b) The winning team is the one which wins the most sets. If sets are even, the total number of games will decide the match.

(c) Three (3) points will be allocated for a win.

Two (2) points for a tie (sets and games even).

One (1) point for a loss.

No points for forfeit.

(d) In the event of a tie in a semi-final, the match will be decided by two super tiebreaker sets (first to 10 points with an advantage of 2) played simultaneously by the previously used doubles combinations. No player substitution allowed. The result is determined on sets won. If sets are even (i.e. 1-1) then the total of points won will decide the match. In the event of a further tie, the doubles teams will continue to play the super tiebreaker format until a result is determined.

5.15.10 Umpiring

(a) Procedures for umpiring will be determined by the association Managers at the Managers' Pre-Championship Meeting.

(b) Members of each team shall share the ballboy/girl duties.

(c) In the event of individual play-offs being needed to determine the composition of the State team, an independent team manager will be appointed by the State Convener to umpire the match.

(d) Wherever possible one player from each team will be on each court as a ball person.

5.15.11 Protests

Protests must be lodged, in writing, by the Team Manager (who must be a teacher), to the Championship Manager within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the match.

5.15.12 Judiciary/protest committee

Must consist of the Championship Manager and two (2) people elected at the Managers' Pre-Championship Meeting.

5.15.13 Selection panel

The selection panel to include the Tennis Convener, State Managers and one manager from each pool.

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