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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

5.16 – Touch state championship – boys and girls

Amended 2010


Refer to General State Championship Rules.

5.16.2 Rules and conditions

(a) All matches will be played according to Standard TFA Rules unless otherwise stated.

(b) All teams will consist of a minimum of twelve (12) and a maximum of fourteen (14) players with six (6) players on the field.

(c) Each team is permitted to make unlimited substitutions.

(d) Substitutions shall take place from one designated sideline and from within the substitution box.

(e) All players will wear their association's uniform. Players are to remain in the same numbered uniform for the duration of the Championship.

(f) The Championshipl will be concluded on a full "Round Robin" basis. Semi Finals being conducted for the four highest placed teams (1v4) and (2v3). The two winning semi-finalists will contest the final.

5.16.3 Duration of play

All matches shall be twelve (12) minutes each way with a two (2) minute half time duration. No time off for injuries.

5.16.4 In the case of equal position in placings, positions will be determined by:


(i)For and against

(ii) Highest number of touchdowns

(iii) Result of pool match

(iv) Percentage of for and against

(v) Drop off 'golden try' system losing semi-finalists positions will be determined by:


(i) Higher pool placing at the end of the round robin.

5.16.5 Drawn semi-final

In the event of a drawn semi-final, the drop off system will be used.

5.16.6 Drawn final

In the final, if the game is drawn at full time both teams shall be declared joint winners.

5.16.7 Disciplinary committee

A three (3) person Disciplinary Committee shall be formed at the Managers' Pre-Championship Meeting to deal with any player sent off or cautioned.

5.16.8 Protests

Must be lodged in writing, by the Team Manager (who must be a teacher), to the Championship Manager within fifteen (15) minutes of the conclusion of the match.

5.16.9 Protest committee

A Protest Committee consisting of the Championship Manager and two (2) people elected from the Managers' Pre-Championship Meeting will hear all protests.

5.16.10 Selection

At the Managers' Pre-Championship Meeting, the State Team selectors shall be elected. The State Coach, by virtue of position, shall be one (1) selector. The two (2) other selectors shall be elected at the re-Championship meeting. Each association shall have only one (1) vote in this election.


(a) Yes/no rule

Where a player calls yes/no the player and team are warned and penalised. For the second team infringement by that team, the player is to be replaced for a minimum 3 minutes and the team is penalised.

(b) Phantom calls

Where a player is adjudged to have called a “phantom” touch they are to be substituted for a minimum three minutes and the team is penalised. If a player is adjudged to have called a “phantom” touch for a second time, he/she is to be replaced for the remainder of the match.

5.16.12 Blood procedure policy

(a) Any bleeding player must be immediately removed from the field.

(b) A substitution and/or positional change may be made.

(c) A bleeding player may re-enter the match after the injury has been cleaned/taped and blood stained clothes cleaned or removed.

5.6.13 Playing conditions

In all State Championships, except Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Cricket, Soccer and Rugby Union where points are allocated to a team, the system to be used shall be:

Win – 3 points
Draw – 2 points
Loss – 1 point
Forfeit – 0 points.

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