Section 3 – Administration

Amended 2016

3.2 Finance

Refer to 1.12 Finance Section 1 in Constitution

3.2.1 The New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association will pay an amount, to be determined at a meeting of the Council, to the host Regional Association towards the running costs of each State Carnival except Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country

3.2.2 All Regional Associations wishing to affiliate with the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association will pay, by 31st March, an annual affiliation fee which shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

3.2.3 The value of expenses paid to the Executive Officer, elected NSWPSSA office bearers and state team officials will be determined at a meeting of Council each year.

3.2.4 Where an elected State Coach and/or Convener , attends a State Carnival from which a State team is selected, the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association will pay accommodation as organised by the host Regional Association, along with travel and the daily expenses rate as determined at a meeting of the Council.

School Sport Australia


(a) In respect of hosting a proposed Interstate Championships a detailed budget should be prepared.

The budget, including details of the proposed levy should be fully documented and submitted to the Finance Committee and the Board of School Sport Australia, for approval.

(b)  A levy should also be imposed on all team members who take part in the School Sport Australia Championships. The levy should cover the cost of the competition levy, apparel and any other expenses which can reasonably be expected to be met by the team members. The levy on individual team members can be reduced to the extent of the funds raised by them.

(c) Levies and other funds collected by way of sponsorship and/or fundraising activities should be remitted, in full, to the Association with details for the program /sport or individual provided to the Executive Officer (refer 3.2.8). An officer of the Association should be designated as responsible for ensuring that monies covering the levy set have been received prior to departure.

Note: Cases of genuine hardship should be the subject of special consideration. In such cases, costs should be met from Association funds.

3.2.6 The State Association will not be responsible for the costs of transportation of children involved in final selection trials for any sport nor for any costs involved in assembling State teams in Sydney or designated centres.

3.2.7 The Treasurer shall regularly meet with the appropriate Finance personnel to ensure that the financial records are in order and that accounts have been sent for all outstanding debts.

3.2.8 All requests for assistance from sporting bodies and sponsors must be sent through the Executive Officer of the New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association and all grants should be received through this Association.

3.2.9 Sport Specific Financial Commitments

(a) NSWPSSA general budget will cover the cost of:

NSWPSSA State Carnivals & Knockouts

Supply and provision of medals and/or plaques including engraving for all state carnivals and knockouts finals.

State convener's -travel, sustenance and accommodation for state carnivals only.

State coach's -travel, sustenance and accommodation for state carnivals only.

State team official's apparel (as per NSWPSSA guidelines - 7.5 Uniforms)

Council Meetings

State Convener travel only to/from NSWPSSA Council Meetings. (Note: accommodation will not be covered by General Dissection. NSWPSSA Executive and State Conveners are expected to travel in on the morning /home in the afternoon. If accommodation is required it will be upon the approval of the Executive Officer and may be accounted by the Convener's sport budget.)

School Sport Australia (SSA) Championships

State Team official's travel to departure point/s for SSA events if required (only upon request to and approval by the Executive Officer)

State Team official's accommodation prior to departure to SSA events (only upon request to and approval by the Executive Officer)

(b) Convener's Sport Budgets will cover the cost of:

Training camps/Team meetings

All costs (Note: Training Camp Policy stipulates no more than $100.00 may be charged to each student for training camps.)


Convener's travel, sustenance and accommodation (if required) for knockout finals. (Note: The costs for Assistant Conveners are borne by the Sport Budget with the exception of instances where they are representing the convener.)

All other Knockout Final Costs(ground hire, umpires, medical etc)

Travel subsidies for schools attending Knockout Finals (not compulsory).

School Sport Australia Championships

State team official's flights, accommodation and sustenance

Hire car/s, fuel, tolls

Managerial incidental expenses and/or reimbursements

Official's excursion costs

SSA official dinner costs

State team levy subsidy (not compulsory)


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