5.17 State Carnival Organisation

Amended 2016

5.17.3 Guidelines for the implementation of 5.3.2. and 5.11.2

(a) Relief days

Both Regions/Associations share evenly the number of days needed for

(i) Region/ Association trials

(ii) Team travel

(b) Costing

The organising area sets and collects the levy to include

(i) Team travel

(ii) Managerial accommodation

(iii) Managerial breakfast/meal allowance

(iv) Hiring of venues for Region/Association trials

(v) Supply umpires, balls, equipment etc

Regions/Associations to alternate the organisation of the above on a yearly basis.

(c) Structure

The two Regions/Associations involved alternate in the organisation of the following

(i) Setting dates for Region/Association trials

(ii) Booking venue for Region/Association trials

(iii) All travel arrangements for Region/ Association team to State Carnival

(iv) Liaising with host Region/Association re billets, manager's accommodation etc

(v) Liaising with sister Area/Association as regards trials information

(vi) Information Sheet

(d) Team management

Applications are taken from both Region/Associations. A selection panel of the two involved Region/Association Sports Officers and the State Convener elect the most meritorious applicant.

(e) Team colours/name

(i) The two Regions/Associations combine their names to form a "greater region/association " e.g. Sydney West/South Coast.

(ii) Playing uniform should be that of the organising Region/Association for that year.

Note: Track suits, bags etc may be those of the participants' home Region/Association.

(iii) The Region/Association to alternate on a yearly basis as to team colours

(f) Pupils' travel/entry to area/association carnival

Travel arrangements/entry procedures are as follows:

(i) Teams enter under the management of Zone Managers.

(ii) Individual entry – it is the responsibility of the school or parent to arrange travel for the child to the trial venues.

(g) Selection process

According to the organising Region/Association's policy i.e. Region/Association Convener and Selection Panel, select players according to their ability

(h) Region assembly point

It is the responsibility of each player to arrive at the designated meeting place as arranged by the Region/Association Convener and/ or Team Manager.

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