5.17.7 – Policy for the introduction of new sports

Amended 2016

(a) Preliminary information

Sports seeking endorsement and entry to become NSWPSSA Competitions must meet the prerequisite safety criteria for “Approved Sports of the Department of Education” as indicated in the “Sport Safety Guidelines”.

(b) Implementation guidelines

(i) A sport subcommittee to be established that will be prepared to nominate an interim co-ordinator who will prepare a submission for presentation as a “Notice of Motion” to the NSWPSSA Council.

(ii) This co-ordinator will be a full time primary teacher employed by the NSW Department of Education.

(c) Sport submission

The submission to include:

Short and long term goals.
Budgetary planning and full resource implications.(eg Relief days)
Proposed Calendar.
Proposed Handbook inclusions.
Format of competition: State Carnivals, Knockout Competition or other competition

(i) The co-ordinator to liaise with the parent body and other interested bodies to ensure an integrated submission, as necessary, is prepared.

(ii) Before endorsement can be granted to a sport, a definite commitment in principle to compete in this program, and provide the necessary resources to enable this to happen, must be given by five (5) associations.

(d) Timeline

For sports seeking to access the Primary Schools Sports Association Program, the submission for entry must be forwarded as a “Notice of Motion” for consideration no later than the May Council Meeting, the year prior to their intended introduction.

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