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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 6.3 Basketball Knockout Competition – Boys and Girls

Amended November 2017

6.3 Basketball

6.3.1 Refer to General Knockout Rules.

6.3.2 Rules and conditions

(a) Competition is to be on an open primary age basis, i.e. pupils must be thirteen (13) years or under in the year of the competition.

(b) Duration of play

Game times shall be four (4) ten (10) minute quarters with a minimum warm up time of five (5) minutes. Quarter time and three-quarter time breaks will be two (2) minutes with half time three (3) minutes. The clock will stop in the first half for all time-outs, injured players and fouled out players. In the last three (3) minutes the clock will stop for every whistle. Each team is permitted one (1) time-out per quarter.

(c) Drawn games

(i) Extra time shall be five (5) minutes and time according to 2nd half rules.

(ii) Periods of extra time shall be played until a result is obtained.

(iii) This rule is applicable to all matches except the final.

(iv) In the final, if the game is drawn after five (5) minutes extra time, both teams shall be declared joint winners.

(d) Home school shall

(i) Provide a clearly marked indoor or outdoor court with backboards and ring 3.05 metres off the ground.

(ii) Provide a leather or rubber composition size 6 basketball.

(iii) Provide two (2) referees and a scorer.

(iv) Provide suitable score sheets and timing equipment.

(e) The games will be played according to the rules of the New South Wales Basketball Association, except free throws will be taken from a line midway between the regular free throw line and the bottom of the jump ball circle.

(f) Medals

Ten (10) medals supplied by the State Association will be awarded to the winning team and ten (10) medals to the runners-up on the day of the final plus one (1) medal for each school and one (1) medal for each Coach.

(g) Static zone defence

Static zone defences (i.e. defences protecting the key hole area only) shall not be allowed in New South Wales Primary Schools Sports Association State Competitions. Where these forms of defence are used the referee is to issue one (1) warning to the Coach and thereafter a technical foul will be issued for each infringement. (This results in two (2) free throws and possession to the non-offending team.)

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