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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 6.5 – Hockey Knockout Competition

Amended November 2017

Teachers Mutual Bank Trophy (Boys) & Teachers Mutual Bank Trophy (Girls)

6.5 Hockey

6.5.1 Refer to General Knockout Rules.

6.5.2 Rules and conditions


(i) Competition is to be on an open primary age basis, i.e. pupils must be thirteen (13) years or under in the year of the competition.

(ii) Games will be played according to the rules and field markings of the International Hockey Board with the following modifications.

Interchange is unlimited, but no more than three (3) players may be used for interchange during the game. Interchange may take place without stoppage to play, whenever the player is not involved in play. Players directly involved in Penalty Corners and Penalty Strokes cannot be changed whilst plays are in motion.

(iii) The use of the 'tomahawk' and/or 'drag flick' is not permitted.

(b) Duration of play

(i) Games shall be twenty five (25) minutes each half with five (5) minutes for half time.

(ii) Injury time will be played in the half it occurs.

(c) Drawn games

In the event of a drawn game, a golden goal 'drop off' situation to apply with the following conditions

(i) Toss to decide who has the ball and the final direction of play.

(ii) The first phase of play is to be for seven (7) minutes with no half time break. Teams to play with a maximum of nine (9) players.

(iii) As soon as a goal is scored, the match ends.

(iv) If no goal is scored, the second phase of play takes place. The teams swap ends with no break. The second phase is to be for seven (7) minutes with no half time break. Teams to play with a maximum of seven (7) players.

(v) If still no goal is scored, the teams continue with seven (7) players in each team with five (5) minute time periods until a result occurs. The teams swap ends at the end at the end of each period of play.

In the event of a drawn final the teams are declared joint winners.

6.5.3 The home school shall

(a) Provide correctly marked and suitable size hockey field with enclosed goals.

(b) Offer the visiting school the option to provide, if they so desire, a badged umpire. If not taken up, the home school shall provide two (2) badged umpires.

6.5.4 Medals

Fourteen (14) medals will be awarded to the winning school and 14 medals to the runners-up on the day of the final plus one (1) medal for each Team Coach and one (1) medal for each school

6.5.5      Goalkeepers must now wear as part of their protective equipment, a helmet and mask, chest protection and leg pads. Should the goalkeeper be substituted, the nominated field player, in assuming the privileges of a goalkeeper, must wear a protective helmet and mask, chest protection and leg pads. The nominated player shall be permitted to put on protective gear without undue delay.

It is compulsory for all field players to wear shin pads and mouthguards.

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