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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 6.6 – Netball Knockout Competition

Amended 2015

6.6 Netball

6.6.1 Refer to General Knockout Rules.

6.6.2 Rules and conditions

(a) Competition is to be on an open primary age basis, i.e. must be thirteen (13) years or under in the year of the competition.

(b) Duration of play

Each match shall consist of four ten (10) minute quarters with intervals of two (2) minutes, five (5) minutes and two (2) minutes.

(c) Drawn games

(i) In the event of a drawn game five (5) minutes extra time each way shall be played with no interval in between.

(ii) If at the end of this extra time a draw still remains the ball is returned to the centre and without changing ends, play continues until one team is ahead by two (2) goals. The team with the two (2) goal advantage shall be declared the winner.

(iii) This rule is applicable to all matches except the final.

(iv) In the final, if the game is drawn at full time, both teams are declared joint winners.

(d) The home team will provide, where at all possible, a sealed court of good quality and the two umpires shall have the final say as to the safety of the court.

(e) Each school shall provide an umpire, where possible badged.

(f) Fixtures shall be played according to the rules of the All Australian Netball Association (except Substitution Rule 6.6.2(g) or unless otherwise stated) so that new rules adopted by the Association automatically apply to this competition.

(g) Substitutions

(i) Using a squad of up to ten (10) players, unlimited substitutions may be made. These substitutions may be made after an interval or an injury.

(ii) Substituted players may re-enter the game.

(h) Blood policy procedure

Based on the premise that there is a bleeding player and no-one else has noticed/called time:

(i) Umpire directs the timekeeper to hold time and the bleeding player is attended to.

(ii) Because it is an umpire directed timeout it is not an injury but a carrying out of legal/health responsibility of the umpire.

It is not necessarily two (2) minutes
No substitutions/positional changes may be made
Clean up/taping to be done as efficiently as possible

(iii) If a coach/captain appeals to the umpire immediately upon seeing the bleeding part, for the incident to be treated as an injury time, the two minute injury time will be deemed to have started when time was first held by the umpire.

(iv) If it becomes injury time then all the rules relating to substitution, team changes become operable.

(i) Medals

Eleven (11) medals will be awarded to the winning team and eleven (11) medals to the runners-up on the day of the final plus one (1) medal for each Coach and one (1) medal for each school.

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