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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 6.7 Rugby League Knockout Competition – Boys & Girls

Amended 2021

Classic Shield

6.7 Rugby League

6.7.1 Refer to General Knockout Rules.

6.7.2 Rules and conditions

(a) The competition is to be for 12 years and under, i.e. students turning 13 in
the year of competition are ineligible to play. The competition is to be run under the Australian Rugby League Laws of Mod League for Twelve (12) years. Therefore any player turning 10 in the year of competition that wishes to participate in the Classic Shield must receive assessment and approval from a current Senior Club Coach (Level 2); or local NRL Game Development Officer.

(b) Duration of play

(i) Games shall be twenty (20) minutes each way with a five (5) minute break.

(ii) There shall be no time off for injuries except in Final.

(c) Drawn games

In the event of a drawn game:

(i) After an interval of five (5) minutes, an extra five (5) minutes each way shall be played, with no interval in between. The team scoring first shall be declared the winner ie, "golden point".

(ii) If points are still equal, the team scoring the most tries shall be declared the winner.

(iii) If at the end of extra time, a draw still remains and both teams have scored the same number of tries: the team scoring the first try in the game shall be declared the winner.

(iv) Or, if at the end of extra time the game is a scoreless draw: a further period of extra time shall be played to be conducted as per Rule 6.7.2.(c) (i). If at the end of this extra time the game is still a scoreless draw: the winner shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

(v) This rule shall be applicable to all matches except the final.

(vi) In the event of a drawn final, the teams shall be declared joint winners.

(d) Medals

Twenty two (22) medals will be presented to the winning team and twenty two (22) medals to the runners-up, plus one (1) medal for each Team Coach and one (1) medal for each school.

6.7.3 Duties of the home school

The home school shall:

(a) Provide the best full sized field available correctly marked and flagged.

(b) Provide a qualified, certificated referee and two (2) touch judges.

(c) Provide a stop watch for the purpose of timekeeping.

6.7.4 Fixtures

(a) Fixtures shall be played according to the rules of the Australian Rugby League so that new rules adopted by the Australian Rugby League will automatically apply.

(b) Replacements will be unlimited interchange.

6.7.5 Situations not covered by these rules

Should any situation or matter arise not covered by these rules it shall be referred to the Executive of the Rugby League Committee, through the Convener, for decision. This decision will be final.

NB: Rule Changes

NRL Mod League rules will be applied to the NSWPSSA Rugby League Knockout.

NB: No coaching from the sidelines is allowed whilst the game is in progress. Team officials not complying with this rule may be asked to leave the field.

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