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NSW Primary Schools Sports Association – Handbook

Section 6.8 – rugby union knockout competition – boys

Divisions: Bryan Palmer Shield – Open Primary

Amended 2015

6.8 Rugby Union

6.8.1 Refer to General Knockout Rules.

6.8.2 Rules and conditions

(a) All matches to be played under the current U/12 ARU Laws of Rugby as played in NSW with the following variation:

(i) Uncontested scrums. (No pushing). Where an infringement requires a scrum, the team feeding the scrum will be allowed to win the ball. Number 8 will still be allowed to pick up the ball and run from the back of the scrum. The scrum half will progress no further than the tunnel.

(ii) Each team will field 12 a side as per U/12 ARU Laws.

(iii) No lifting in the lineouts.

(iv) Schools will ensure there is an observance of the ARU’s 2 year window law and will seek independent ARU dispensation for younger, talented students.

(v) Mouthguards must be worn in the following circumstances: all selection trials and games organised for Rugby Union by the schools, school’s sporting zone, association and/or state sporting association.

(b) Duration of play

(i) Matches shall be of fifteen (15) minutes or twenty (20) minutes each half duration in all preliminary rounds (dependent upon whether the game is part of the gala day structure or not). The semi finals will also be played with twenty (20) minute halves, with provision for 5 minutes extra time in the event of a scoreless draw. The Final will be twenty-two and a half (22.5) minutes each half.

(ii) No time off for injury will be allowed except in Final.

(iii) Replacements for injury will be allowed at any time during the matches.

(iv) Rounds 1, 2 and 3 will be played at a gala day in May of each calendar year, where each team that has nominated to play in the Bryan Palmer Shield will have at least 3 games to play in their sporting association , regardless of the outcome of their matches. At the end of the day the school having won all or most of their games will progress through to the fourth (4th) round points for and against will be the main determinant for final placings. Games will be of no more than 30 minutes duration, i.e. 15 minute halves. From Round 4 onwards, home and away games will be determined on a round to round basis by the convener, ensuring equity for all schools.

(c) Drawn games

In the event of a tied score, with the exception of the Final

(i) The first scorer will be deemed the winner.

(ii) Where there is no score an extra five (5) minutes each way will be played.

(iii) If there is still no score, the team incurring the least number of penalties will be declared winners.

(iv) If penalties are equal the team which has the least number of forces in goal shall be declared winners.

(v) If forces in goal are equal, the winner shall be decided by the toss of a coin.

(vi) In finals if the score is tied, then joint winners will be declared.

(vii)  In the event of a scoreless draw in a Semi Final, an extra five (5) minutes one way will be played. If there is still no score after this 5 minutes, refer to (iii), (iv), and (v).

(d) Home school shall

(i) Provide the best full sized oval available correctly marked and flagged.

(ii) Provide a qualified certificated referee and two (2) touch judges.

(iii) Provide size 4 Rugby ball.

(e) Medals

Twenty-two (22) medals will be awarded to the winning school team and twenty-two (22) medals to the runners-up on the day of the final plus one (1) medal for each Team Coach and one (1) medal to each school.

Laws U12 (playing U11 pathway laws)
Player numbers 12
Playing area Full field less 10m width – L:100m, W:60m
Playing time Varies – no more than 90 minutes per day
Ball size Size 4
Conversions Yes – not past 15m line
Kick-off Drop kick
Restart after scrore Kick-off
Kicking Yes
Tackle Yes
Lineout 5 players
No lifting
Lineout receiver All options
Scrum 6 players
Not contested
Scrum half All options
#8 moves legal
When is lineout and scrum over? Ball out
PK + FK Tap, kick for touch, scrum
Opp 10m back

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