Contacts - executives and conveners

Contact Name Role School
Tony Tilburg President Blayney High School
Paul Faulkner Vice president Bedgerabong Public School
Sarah Lindsay Vice president Tottenham Central School
Mark Skein Vice president Canobolas Rural Technology High School
Amanda Thorpe Vice president Tottenham Central School
Will Lindsay Treasurer Gulgong Public School
Chad Bliss Principals representative Canobolas Rural Technology High School
Andrew Hooper Principals representative Grenfell Public School
Scott Olsson Principals representative Yeoval Central School
Sport Role Contact Name
Primary Athletics Convener Kate Lyons
Primary Athletics Convener Terry Neal
Primary Athletics Manager Rachelle Darcy
Primary Athletics Manager Kim Robinson
Primary Australian Football Convener Joel Wilson
Primary Australian Football Manager Mark Ranger
Primary Basketball - Boys Convener Anthony Hamer
Primary Basketball - Girls Convener Scott Deakes
Primary Cricket - Boys Convener Will Lindsay
Primary Cricket - Girls Convener Teagan Heraghty
Primary Cross Country Convener Michelle Eather
Primary Cross Country Convener Terry Neal
Primary Cross Country Manager Kristie Mackay
Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys Convener Jane Swindle
Primary Football (Soccer) - Girls Convener Greg Garlick
Primary Golf Convener Jodeen Jackson
Primary Hockey - Boys Convener Adam Gill
Primary Hockey - Girls Convener Diane Daymond
Primary Netball Convener Jemma Wallace
Primary Rugby League - 11's Convener Mitch Hardy (Coach)
Primary Rugby League - 11's Manager Matthew Dunn
Primary Rugby League - Open Convener Ben Smith
Primary Rugby League - Open Manager Paul Faulkner
Primary Rugby Union Convener Drew Bale
Primary Rugby Union Manager Joshua Bullock
Primary Softball - Boys Convener Mick Boller
Primary Softball - Girls Convener Julie Cox
Primary Swimming Convener Terry Neal
Primary Swimming Convener Amanda Thorpe
Primary Swimming Manager Jodie Attenborough
Primary Tennis Convener Tracey Hicks
Primary Touch Football - Boys Convener Melinda Quayle
Primary Touch Football - Girls Convener Jessica Lawford
Sport Role Contact Name
Secondary Athletics Convener Sarah Lindsay
Secondary Athletics Manager Lauren Brady
Secondary Athletics Manager Rebecca Hill
Secondary Athletics Manager Brad Stockwell
Secondary Athletics (Athletes competing in Multi Class events) Convener Terry Neal
Secondary Basketball - Boys Convener Matthew Bishop
Secondary Basketball - Girls Convener Teagan Burke
Secondary Bowls Convener Ben Callaway
Secondary Cricket - Boys Convener Tim Berry
Secondary Cricket - Girls Convener Rachel McCann
Secondary Cross Country Convener Michelle Eather
Secondary Cross Country Manager Jacinta Edwards
Secondary Cross Country Manager Craig May
Secondary Cross Country (Athletes competing in Multi Class events) Convener Terry Neal
Secondary Football (Soccer) - Boys Convener Paul Waine
Secondary Football (Soccer) - Girls Convener Jasmin Courtenay
Secondary Golf Convener Steve Johnstone
Secondary Gymnastics - Artistic Convener Letitia Hart
Secondary Hockey - Boys Convener Scott Olsson
Secondary Hockey - Girls Convener Hayley Lyons
Secondary Netball Convener Tegan Dray
Secondary Rugby League Coach/manager Nick Bender
Secondary Rugby League - 15s Convener Tony Wilson
Secondary Rugby League - Open Convener Tony Tilburg
Secondary Rugby Union Convener Gerard Hart
Secondary Rugby Union Manager Sam Ryan
Secondary Softball - Boys Convener Scott Deakes
Secondary Softball - Girls Convener Leanne Solomons
Secondary Squash Convener Adele Stoddart
Secondary Swimming Convener Melissa Rees
Secondary Swimming Manager Karin Morgan
Secondary Swimming (multi-class) Convener Terry Neal
Secondary Tennis - Boys Convener Paul Abbott
Secondary Tennis - Girls Convener Craig May
Secondary Touch Football - Boys Convener Michelle Somers
Secondary Touch Football - Girls Convener Monique Christie-Johnston
Secondary Volleyball - Boys Convener Jeremy Williams
Secondary Volleyball - Girls Convener Jeremy Williams

The Western Schools Sports Association executive committee comprises both primary and secondary school representatives.