Contacts - executives and conveners

Contact Name Role School
Jason Weaven President Holbrook Public School
Adrian Fury Vice president Albury North Public School
Sarah Young Vice president Edward Public School
Lynne French Principals representative Humula Public School
Sport Role Contact Name
Primary Athletics Convener Sarah Young
Primary Athletics Manager Mark CRITTENDEN
Primary Athletics Manager Lynne French
Primary Athletics Manager Sue Hall
Primary Australian Football Manager Jason Hallandale (Western Riverina)
Primary Australian Football Coach/manager James Burgess (Eastern Riverina)
Primary Basketball Coach/manager Brett Angel
Primary Cricket - Boys Coach/manager Jarrod Lyons
Primary Cricket - Girls Coach/manager Ken Mansell
Primary Cross Country Convener Lynne French
Primary Cross Country Manager Dean Crane
Primary Cross Country Manager Reece Mastellotto
Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys Coach/manager Reece Mastellotto
Primary Football (Soccer) - Girls Coach/manager Fiona Smith
Primary Golf Coach/manager Rhys Holloway
Primary Hockey - Girls Coach/manager Karen Pontt
Primary Netball Convener Tamara Edmunds
Primary Netball Manager Rhiannon Dolahenty
Primary Netball Manager Claire Ross
Primary Rugby League - 11's Coach Mitchell Fealy
Primary Rugby League - 11's Manager Adam Barclay
Primary Rugby League - Open Convener Matthew Collins
Primary Rugby League - Open Manager Steven Fattore
Primary Rugby Union Convener Nathan Honeyman
Primary Rugby Union Manager Elyse Burns
Primary Softball - Boys Coach/manager Terry-Anne Williams
Primary Softball - Girls Coach/manager Amanda Gooden
Primary Swimming Convener Emma Wilson
Primary Swimming Manager Winsome Cox
Primary Swimming Manager Steven Schultz
Primary Tennis Convener Duncan Adams
Primary Touch Football - Boys Coach/manager Louise Purss-Semple
Primary Touch Football - Girls Coach/manager Jackson Goman
Primary Water Polo Coach/manager Duncan Brodie
Contact Name Role School
Tony Stringer President Temora High School
Andrea Francis Vice president Junee High School
Kellie Gorman Vice president Leeton High School
Tim Sanson (Riverina Murray) Vice president Albury High School
Sport Role Contact Name
Secondary Athletics Convener Michael Dare
Secondary Athletics Manager Louisa Reynolds
Secondary Athletics Manager Sarah-Jane Turner
Secondary Australian Football Coach Dustin Bradshaw
Secondary Australian Football Coach Richard Leahy
Secondary Australian Football Manager Clint Campbell
Secondary Australian Football Manager Adam DeMamiel
Secondary Australian Football - Girls Convener Melinda Hyland
Secondary Australian Football - Girls Manager Rebecca Driscoll
Secondary Basketball - Boys Coach/manager Brent Heydon
Secondary Basketball - Girls Convener Robert Rice
Secondary Bowls Convener Ian Groth
Secondary Cricket - Boys Convener Anthony Bradley
Secondary Cricket - Girls Convener Nathan Brookes
Secondary Cross Country Convener Debbie Filliponi
Secondary Cross Country Manager Melanie Greene
Secondary Cross Country Manager Graham Smith
Secondary Diving Convener Sally Bourke
Secondary Football (Soccer) - Boys Convener Craig Brooker
Secondary Football (Soccer) - Girls Convener Josh Perizzolo
Secondary Golf Convener Luke Di Salvia
Secondary Hockey - Boys Convener Stuart Morrison
Secondary Hockey - Girls Convener Johanna Dare
Secondary Netball Convener Jen Vine
Secondary Rugby League Convener Tim Wykes
Secondary Rugby League - 15s Coach Tim Wykes
Secondary Rugby League - 15s Manager Robert Plain
Secondary Rugby League - Open Coach Matthew Hands
Secondary Rugby League - Open Manager Simon Lyons
Secondary Rugby Union Manager Richard Wiseman
Secondary Rugby Union - Boys Convener Stephen Sergeant
Secondary Softball - Boys Convener Stacey Cox
Secondary Softball - Girls Convener Stacy Clark
Secondary Squash Convener Lisa Schmetzer
Secondary Swimming Convener Kellie Gorman
Secondary Swimming Manager Julie-Ann ANGEL
Secondary Swimming Manager Tony Stringer
Secondary Tennis Convener Vicki Breust
Secondary Tennis Manager Michael Rowing
Secondary Touch Football - Boys 15yrs and Under Convener Serinah Maddox
Secondary Touch Football - Boys Opens Coach/manager Jess Absolum
Secondary Touch Football - Girls 15yrs and Under Convener Eliza Baddock
Secondary Touch Football - Girls Opens Coach/manager Andrea Francis
Secondary Volleyball Convener Anthony Wilson
Secondary Water Polo - Boys Convener Tom Hawkeworth
Secondary Water Polo - Girls Convener Paula Shumack