Contacts - executives and conveners

Contact Name Role School
Peter Banks President Cronulla Public School
Steven Mead Snr vice president Brighton-Le-Sands Public School
Andrew Doyle Vice president Marton Public School
Andrew Marshall Vice president Peakhurst South Public School
David Paget Vice president Lilli Pilli Public School
Robert Cormack Treasurer Birchgrove Public School
Andrew Marshall Delegate Peakhurst South Public School
Paul Tindall Delegate Burraneer Bay Public School
Sport Role Contact Name
Primary Athletics Convener Liane Sharp
Primary Athletics Manager Kylie Archer
Primary Athletics Manager Jorg Knoflack
Primary Athletics Manager Liane Sharp
Primary Australian Football Convener Andrew Marshall
Primary Australian Football Manager Joe Vitale
Primary Basketball - Boys Convener James Dean
Primary Basketball - Girls Convener N/A N/A
Primary Cricket - Boys Convener Justin Mealing
Primary Cricket - Girls Convener Kate Owen
Primary Cross Country Convener Laraine Mealing
Primary Cross Country Manager Laraine Mealing
Primary Cross Country Manager Joanne Williamson
Primary Football (Soccer) - Boys Convener Mat Egan
Primary Football (Soccer) - Girls Convener Sean Maloney
Primary Golf Convener Tom Cleary
Primary Hockey - Boys Convener Ross Angus
Primary Hockey - Girls Convener Lisa Holmes
Primary Netball Convener Bronwyn Moar
Primary Rugby League - 11's Convener Brendan Sexty
Primary Rugby League - 11's Manager Lucas Gear
Primary Rugby League - Open Convener Martin Field
Primary Rugby League - Open Manager Paul Tindall
Primary Rugby Union Convener Elliott McKimm
Primary Rugby Union Manager Lauren Brash
Primary Softball - Boys Convener Julie Flavell
Primary Softball - Girls Convener Dianne Cawston
Primary Swimming Convener Mark Holden
Primary Swimming Manager Julie Bernhardt
Primary Swimming Manager Andrew Wassell
Primary Tennis Convener Matthew Kerr
Primary Touch Football - Girls Convener Glen Hines
Primary Touch Football- Boys Convener Brad Harford
Primary Water Polo Convener Mark Holden
Contact Name Role School
Dave Haggart President Kogarah High School
Dave Stewart Snr vice president The Jannali High School
Craig Holmes Vice president Heathcote High School
Nerida Noble Treasurer Gymea Technology High School
Gordon Moncrieff Delegate St George Girls High School
Sport Role Contact Name
Secondary Athletics Convener Dave Haggart
Secondary Athletics Manager Samuel Byrne
Secondary Athletics Manager Gordon Moncrieff
Secondary Athletics Manager Mandy Robertson
Secondary Australian Football Convener Tyler Smith
Secondary Australian Football Manager Derek Hulme
Secondary Baseball Convener Tony Vosnakis
Secondary Basketball - Boys Convener Lauryn Curtin
Secondary Basketball - Girls Convener Michaela Clark
Secondary Bowls Convener Margaret Sheean
Secondary Cricket - Boys Convener Tim Laws
Secondary Cricket - Girls Convener Gordon Moncrieff
Secondary Cross Country Convener Vicki Smith
Secondary Cross Country Manager Karen Goman
Secondary Cross Country Manager Mandy Robertson
Secondary Diving Convener N/A N/A
Secondary Football (Soccer) - Boys Convener Peter Slater
Secondary Football (Soccer) - Girls Convener Dylan Hughes
Secondary Golf Convener Mick Brooker
Secondary Gymnastics Convener Karen Chalk
Secondary Gymnastics Rhythmic Convener Karen Chalk
Secondary Hockey - Boys Convener Alexandra Lupton
Secondary Hockey - Girls Convener Leah Moon
Secondary Netball Convener Lenore Blades
Secondary Rugby League Convener Craig Holmes
Secondary Rugby League - 15s Coach Robert Lawson
Secondary Rugby League - 15s Manager Derek Hulme
Secondary Rugby League - Open Coach Mark Mooney
Secondary Rugby League - Open Manager Andrew Bobadilla
Secondary Rugby Union - Boys Convener Michael Seymour
Secondary Rugby Union - Boys Manager N/A N/A
Secondary Softball - Boys Convener Michelle Edgtton
Secondary Softball - Girls Convener Ian Moore
Secondary Squash Convener Scott Carpenter
Secondary Swimming Convener Peter George
Secondary Swimming Manager Alicia Burns
Secondary Swimming Manager Peter George
Secondary Swimming Manager Di Maddern
Secondary Table Tennis Convener Bruce Riley
Secondary Tennis - Boys Convener Greg Westwood
Secondary Tennis - Girls Convener Jesse Richardson
Secondary Touch Football - Boys Convener Tim Porter
Secondary Touch Football - Girls Convener Matthew Wood
Secondary Volleyball - Boys Convener Michael Kay
Secondary Volleyball - Girls Convener Karen Halwagy
Secondary Water Polo - Boys Convener Brendan BENISCHKE
Secondary Water Polo - Girls Convener Mitchell Scott