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Organised by

Sydney West School Sport Association

Sport type

Primary Swimming


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Method of entry

Zone team


Zone teams are to be emailed using meet manager to Rob Pugh by 6 March, 2017

Cost info

$5.00 - spectators


This event includes specific activities for people with disabilities who are classified through the appropriate sport association

Event venue

Sydney International Aquatic Centre

Street address

Olympic Blvd


Sydney Olympic Park



Post Code


7:30am to 3:15pm


Date:     Wednesday, 15th March 2017

Venue: Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre  Olympic Boulevard Homebush

Entry:    Zone Teams

Cost:      Adults $5.00 (payable at the main gate) Competitors no charge


Program booklet -Please note: there will be no hard copies available on the day.

Officials- One teacher from each school- submit nominations via email


officials nomination form


Primary entries 2017 updated 13 march


Rules/ entry details:

  1. The Carnival will be conducted in accordance with NSWPSSA Rules and Regulations and the Sydney West Constitution.
  2. Entries close 3.00pm Monday 6th March, 2017

All entries must  be via meet manager. No other format will be accepted

All events except for 50m freestyle and 4 x 50m relays are to be conducted as timed finals.


In 50m Freestyle and 4x50m Relays the fastest 10 times in heats will qualify for finals.


All events will be seeded according to times submitted from zone carnivals.


3. Zone Entry


a) Each zone or combination of zones may nominate up to the number of competitors/teams per event as detailed in rule 9 below. Should there be a desire for additional entries, the special circumstances are to be stated when lodging entries.


b) Substitutes may be allowed by the championship manager on the recommendation of the relevant team manager, prior to the commencement of the carnival.


c) Entry forms are to be forwarded to the swimming convener as soon as possible following the zone carnival but no later than Friday, 10th March 2017.


Competitors Caps


All competitors must wear a cap in the colour designated to his/her respective district. Competitors not complying, will not be permitted to swim in that event.


4. Limitation of Event


There will be no limitation of individual entries, except those determined by age, as outlined in rule 8 below.


5. Sections


Age Groups:      8 years                 11 years

                           9 years                 12 years

                           10 years                13 years




i) Junior-All children aged 8, 9 or 10 years


ii) 11 Years


iii) Senior-All children aged 12 or 13 years


iv) Open-All children aged 8 years to 13 years inclusive.



A competitor whose significant birthday occurs during the current year, is eligible for that age event only. No competitor shall enter in more than one division except for All-Age events.



6. Athletes with a disability swimming in a multi class event


a) Competitors are to enter on the appropriate form (found below) and forward it to your zone swimming convener who will send all their entries through meet manager to the swimming convener and also a copy to the SCO.



b) Types of Disability and Classifications:


Functional Disability - Must have Australian Paralympic Committee Card


There are 10 classes S1 - S10 with S1 being the most profound.  Competitors must have a physical loss of more than 10%. Classification must be from Australian Paralympic Committee.


Visually Impaired - Must have Optimologist report


There are 3 classes S11, S12, S13.  Classification should be made through a Medical Practitioner or Vision Australia.  Visual acuity of 6/60 or less and a visual field of less than 20.


Hearing Impaired - Must have Audiogram


There is one classification S15.  Competitors must have a current audiogram signifying a loss of more than 55 decibels in the better ear.


Intellectual Disability - Must have AUSRAPID Card


There is one classification, S14.




There is one classification S16


Results shall be judged as timed finals.


c) All competitors will compete against the International times for their classification.


7) Number of Entries per Zone:

For the following events, zones may enter up to:-


50m Freestyle and Relays

*   Up to 3  competitors per zone and 3 teams per zone provided qualifying times are met.


Qualifying Times:

* Junior Girls 4 x50m Freestyle Relay    3.55.00

* Junior Boys 4 x50m Freestyle Relay    3.50.00

* Senior Girls 4 x50m Freestyle Relay    3.40.00

* Senior Boys 4 x50m Freestyle Relay    3.35.00

* All Freestyle qualifiers (9yrs to 13yrs) must be less than 1.00.00

* 8yrs 50m Freestyle qualifiers less than 1.05.00


b) Form Strokes (Breaststroke, Backstroke, Butterfly)

* 2 Competitors per zone.


c) 100m Freestyle (Open Age) and 200m Individual Medley (Senior and Junior)

* Max 2 competitors per zone may be entered

* Fastest ten (10) submitted times will be in the final.


d) Multi- Class- up to 3 competitors per division (junior, senior) and gender in freestyle and up to 2 competitors per division (junior, senior) and gender in stroke events.


8. State Entry

Finalists placed first, second or third, qualify for the N.S.W.P.S.S.A. Carnival.


9. Relays


a) Relays are conducted in two sections for both Boys and Girls:-

13-12-11 years known as Senior

10-9-8 years  known as Junior


There will also be a co-ed All-Age relay in two divisions:


i) PP6 Schools


ii) PP5 Schools with enrolments of 56 students or less.


b) In all relays swimmers must be from the same school and qualified in terms of Rule 7.


10. Method of Starting


Competitors shall be placed in their lanes and one half pace behind the starting position. The procedure will then be:-

  1. a whistle blast-take position on the back of the block (in backstroke, the competitors enter the water);
  2. take your marks(competitors to remain stationary);

3.     starting signal (pistol shot, hooter, whistle or command);



A one start rule shall apply.



11. Finish

Competitors must remain in their lanes at the finish of each event, until told to leave the water.



12. Placegetters


Placegetters in each timed final shall be awarded certificates at the conclusion of each event.


Certificates will be made for individual champions : Junior Boy; Junior Girl; 11 Years Boy; 11 Years Girl; 12/13 Years Boy and 12/13 Years Girl.


13. Coaching


Once competitors are in the hands of the officials controlling the event, they are not to receive any coaching or advice.


Under no circumstances may coaching/cheering be conducted at the edge of the pool.


14. Protests


Protest shall be dealt with by the disputes committee comprising:

Carnival Manager


Relevant Sectional Official


No protest shall be considered unless lodged by the relevant Zone Team Manager, in writing not exceeding 15 minutes after the event.


15. Touching the Wall:


In all events a swimmer, when turning, shall make physical contact with the end of the pool or course. The turn must be made from the wall and it is not permitted to take a stride or step from the bottom of the pool.


a) Breaststroke:

At the turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands separated and simultaneously at above or below the water level. At the last stroke and at the finish an arm stroke not followed by a leg kick is permitted. Head may be submerged after the last arm pull prior to the touch, provided it breaks the surface of the water at some point during the last complete or uncompleted cycle preceding the touch.


b) Backstroke:

Some part of the swimmer must break the surface of the water throughout the race. It is permissible for the swimmer to be completely submerged during the distance of not more than 15m after the start and each turn. BY point the head must have broken the surface. Any competitor leaving the his/her normal position on the back before his/her head shoulder, foremost hand or arm has touched the end of the course for the purpose of turning or finishing may be disqualified.


c) Butterfly:

At the turn and at the finish of the race, the touch shall be made with both hands separated and simultaneously at above or below the water level,


d) Freestyle:

When turning or finishing a race the swimmer is required to touch the wall of the pool or course with any part of the body, not necessarily the hand. However, at the finish of the race it is necessary for contact to be made with the wall of the pool. A hand touch is not obligatory.

Special consideration may be taken into account, where physical handicap exists. 


Zone Seating


Zones will be allocated a seating area



 The concourse and the beginners pool is strictly out of bounds to competitors and spectators. Any persons contravening this rule will be asked to leave the championship


Order of Events


The championship manager reserves the right to alter the program, should it be considered necessary.


16. Point Score:


The point score for the swimming championships shall be as follows:



1st            10 points

2nd           9 points

3rd            8 points

4th            7 points

5th            6 points

6th            5 points       

7th            4 points

8th            3 points

9th            2 points

10th           1 point


Official’s information


17. Time:

Officials are to be in attendance no later than 8.10am.


18. Relief:

No casual relief will be available for appointed officials. Casual relief will be available for appointed zone team managers (2 per zone).


19. Applications:

Applications are invited from interested teachers who wish to officiate at the annual swimming championships. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions listed below, please complete the form and return it to:




Sport Coordination Officer

School Sports Unit

Locked Bag 1530


Fax: 9707 6936


All applications must be received no later than Friday 3rd March, 2017.

Contact person:                                Rob Pugh

Position:                                             Swimming Convener

School:                                               Quakers Hill PS

Phone:                                                9626 9284

Facsimile:                                           9837 1152

                Email entries to: robert.pugh@det.nsw.edu.au


[Place Holder]

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener Rob Pugh Quakers Hill Public School robert.pugh@det.nsw.edu.au 9626 9284

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