NSWCHSSA-Secondary Cricket - Girls - Championships

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Organised by

NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association

Sport type

Secondary Cricket - Girls


Monday, 26 February 2018 to Thursday, 1 March 2018

Method of entry

Region/Association team

Hosted By

Sydney West School Sport Association

Event venue

Hawkesbury District Cricket Association

Street address



Hawkesbury Valley



Post Code

Venue Comment

Bensons 2 Oval - Bensons Lane Richmond NSW 2753

Bensons 3 Oval - Bensons Lane Richmond NSW 2753

McQuade Oval - Tebbutt Street WINDSOR NSW 2756

Owen Earle Oval - Bensons Lane Richmond NSW 2753

Richmond Oval - March Street RICHMOND NSW 2753

For cricket rules, hours of play and other cricket state championship information, see 6.6.3 Cricket State Championships - girls of the NSWCHSSA handbook.

Team photographs

  • Monday 26 February 2018 at 8.00am
  • Cost: $16.50 per photo (including GST)  Photo cost not included in the levy.

  • Players must supply their own lunches.

NSWCHSSA Cricket girls participating teams
Hunter Sydney East
North Coast Sydney North
North West Sydney South West
Riverina Sydney West
South Coast Western
Round 3
Time Venue Team Score Versus Team Score
9:30am  Bensons 4 Sydney West  3/101  def Sydney East  3/98 
9:30am   Bensons 2  Hunter  2/53 def North Coast  8/52 
9:30am   Owen Earle  South Coast  3/53 def Western  5/52 
9:30am   Breakaway North West 4/80  def Sydney North  9/79 
9:30am   Bensons 3  Sydney South West  3/70 def Riverina  All Out for 69 
Round 4
Time Venue Team Score Versus Team Score
1:00pm  Bensons 3  Sydney West 4/81  def Riverina 6/80 
1:00pm  Owen Earle  Sydney South West  3/152  def North West All out for 36 
1:00pm Breakaway Sydney North 6/98 def Western 7/47 
1:00pm  Bensons 2  South Coast  4/53  def Hunter 6/50 
1:00pm  Bensons 4 Sydney East  4/116 def North Coast  5/94 
Round 5
Time Venue Team Score Versus Team Score
9:00am Bensons 3  Hunter 6/167 vs Sydney East 10/123 
9:00am  Owen Earle Sydney South West  5/70  def Sydney North  7/68 
9:00am  Bensons 4 North West 4/71  def Riverina 10/70 
9:00am  Bensons 2  South Coast  1/32  def Sydney West 10/29 
9:00am  Breakaway North Coast  8/186  vs Western 10/131 
Round 6
Time Venue Team Score Versus Team Score
9:00am  Owen Earle Sydney South West  10/87  def South Coast  10/77 
9:00am   Bensons 2  Sydney North 8/95  def Sydney West 10/82 
9:00am   Bensons 3  Sydney East  3/75  def Western  10/74 
9:00am   McQuade North Coast 3/156  def North West 7/153 
9:00am   Richmond  Hunter  4/150  def Riverina  4/119 

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