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Organised by

Sydney West School Sport Association

Sport type

Primary Softball


Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Method of entry

Zone team

Entry instructions


Cost info

$80 per team if not able to provide an umpire

Quick information

NOTE: Zones will be invoiced post championships

Event venue

Surveyors Creek Softball Facility

Street address

Ballybunnion Tce


Glenmore Park



Entry:   Zone Teams - to send Zone entry form to convener prior to Championship

$80 per team if not able to provide an umpire


Additional Information:

  1. Zone Conveners must confirm their teams participation
  2. Each team is to be accompanied by a manager and a person willing to act as an Umpire. Zones that cannot provide an umpire will need to pay $80.00 to Sydney West and one will be organised on your behalf. Please ensure umpires have their own protective equipment and are willing to umpire plate.
  3. Parents will not be permitted to take on roles such as coaching on the diamond or in the dugouts.
  4. A canteen will be operating throughout the day. 
  5. Every team is required to be in full attendance at the presentations and announcement of the Sydney West teams at approximately 3.40pm.
  6. Cancellation of the day will be notified to the Zone Secretaries on the day before, if necessary.
  7. Winners and runners-up shall be awarded Certificates. If there is a drawn final, teams will be declared joint premiers.

Specific rules and conditions:

  1. The Championships will be conducted according to Section 5.12 of the N.S.W.P.S.S.A. Handbook and Part c, Section 8 (e) of the S.W.P.S.S.A. Constitution.
  2. Players shall wear zone uniforms.
  3. Zones entering teams must send a manager and one person willing to act as plate umpire.
  4. Each team is to supply a satisfactory match ball (11 inch) for each game as well as its own gloves, mitts, catchers protective equipment, bats, batters helmets.
  5. All batters, base runners and junior base coaches (under 18) must wear helmets. Catchers are to wear helmets, face masks with throat protectors, body protectors and leggings when receiving pitches (warm-up or otherwise.) All players (except the catcher) must wear shin pads whilst playing.
  6. Each team must supply their own scorebook which is to have both team’s names and fielding positions in batting order.


Match rules shall be in accordance with the official rules of the Australian Softball Federation, except:

a) Pitching distance shall be: Girls: 38 feet (11.58m); Boys: 40 feet (12.19m). An 18.29m diamond will be in use.

b) Period of play: 1 hour (60 minutes), or five (5) innings, whichever is first up.

At this championship a seven run rule will be in effect. Once a team has scored 7 runs it shall be side away.

When the hooter has sounded, the pitcher may complete the pitch if in a pitching position.

The first-named team will occupy first base and will call the toss.

Result cards must be completed and signed by the umpire at the end of each game, then handed to the Regional Convener.

Points will be allocated:

win       3

draw     2

bye       3

loss       1


The Championships will be organised as a two pool system. The two winning teams from each pool will contest the final. Teams finishing on equal points will be determined on percentages. That is, runs for and runs against x 100.


Each team will play all other teams in their pool. Cross pool games are friendly only and will be scored as a bye in respective pools.


The Championships manager and umpire-in-chief will adjudicate all disputes on the spot. Their decision will be final.

No dispute against an umpire will be entertained.


On-field coaching positions may only be filled by teachers. Accompanying parents are not permitted to carry out this function.


Selected Sydney West Teams

On the day two teams will be selected to represent Sydney West at the following State Championships. Selected players must be available for the following dates. A player levy and uniform cost will be required to play at the Championships. 


The NSW PSSA Boys Softball State Championships held from 31st Aug to 2nd September 2021 in Mudgee

The NSW PSSA Girls Softball State Championships held from 14th to 16th September 2021 in Camden. 

Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Convener Tracey Abbott-Atchinson North Rocks Public School 9871 1772
Girls Softball Manager Cathy Ryan Lalor Park Public School 9624 4808
Girls Softball Coach Mark Dyer Walters Road Public School 9672 2333
Boys Softball Manager Gina Grant Pendle Hill Public School 9631 8253