Sport for students with disabilities-2018 Boccia School Knockout Competition - Finals Day

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Organised by

Sport for students with disabilities

Sport type

Boccia for students with disabilities


Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Method of entry

School team


This event includes specific activities for people with disabilities who are classified through the appropriate sport association

Event venue


Street address

Olympic Boulevarde


Sydney Olympic Park



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Boccia knockout participating teams
Lake Munmorah HS Newcastle HS
Heathcote HS Chifley College Senior Campus
Wagga Wagga HS Killara HS
Woolgoolga HS Narooma HS
Figtree HS Cranebrook HS
Casino HS Armidale HS
Carenne School Brooke Avenue PS
East Maitland PS Condell Park PS


Team members
Armidale HS

Maille Parsons

Olivia Dullaway

Shenean Quinlan

Teacher in charge -

Michelle Wooldridge

Brooke Avenue PS

Bradley Priest 

Samuel Bentley 

Marshall Christian

Jasper Mann

Willem Pastoors

Kyle Chisolm

Cooper Clark

Teacher in charge - 

Helen Hayden

Carenne School

Phillip Green

Mitchell Allan

Ethan Kavwneji

Jessica Workman

Aaron Drewe

Bridget Day

Teachers in charge -

Terry Neal

Kathleen Matheson

Linda Jones

Casino HS

Onica Gaudry

Aleah Gaudry

Cameron Bell

Josiah Thomas

Bailey Quinn

Teachers in charge - 

Michelle Thompson

David Heath

Chifley College
Senior Campus

Tiarna Ellis

Elissa McDonald

Tahlia Cahill

Issac Tiangco

Sasae Siale

Mayiu Nielson

Teacher in charge - 

Nikki Beaton

Condell Park PS

Adam Baker

Emily Nguyen

Zahra Al Tallal

Adnan Najjarine

Rhys Dorigo

Skye Luu

Teacher in charge - 

Fiona Urriste

Cranebrook HS

Alex Johnson

Jesse Nam

Madison Loosemorre

James-Lucas McAllister

Brandon Olver

Teachers in charge - 

Shalini Ram

Dianne Brain


East Maitland PS

Maddy Russell

Orlando Lee

Logan Geering

Joshua Rooke

Jessi-Lee Aspey

Teacher in charge - 

Leah Parameter

Figtree HS Clara Bates

Madison Davies

Blake Shepherd

Callum Kirby Hayes

Teachers in charge -

Ellen Foord

Katrina Murray

Heathcote HS

Louis Hensen-Easey

Chris Piesse

Jake Babbage

Tristan Piesse

Joshua Yao

Teacher in charge -

Judy Campbell

Killara HS

Josh Greenhouse

Ian Ummathara

Lj Adjokatse

Alexiz Massart

Teacher in charge -
Duncan Smith

Lake Mumorah HS

Brayden Murnain

Jesse Lewis

Isabelle Haynes

Daniel Emerson

Cailab Chaplain

Blair Britton

Tayla Peters

Teachers in charge - 

Emily Hurst

Daniel McDonald

Narooma HS

Effie Musumeci 

Connor McCarthy

Les Campbell

Hunter McKenzie

Rebecca Merlino

Lochie Nielson

Teachers in charge - 

Kylie Thomas

Kate Klose

Newcastle HS

Tim Ormond

Andrew Phillips

Bryce Hillier

Kye Cleary

Jacob Chaff

Teachers in charge - 

Khym Harris

Nikki Standen

Wagga Wagga HS

Shami Mato

Nagham Mato

Fletcher Longmore

Hannah Baker

Jeesp Bootes

Teacher in charge - 

Cameron Abood

Woolgoolga HS

Riley Saban

Billy Sutherland

Ciarnah Robertson

Matilda Mairinger

Teachers in charge - 

Kayle McIntish

Jo Rees



Finals Day Schedule Overview
Session TIme
Team registration 9:10am
Opening address 9:20am
Warm up 9:30am
Round 1 9:45am
Round 2 - including Quarter Finals* 10:45am
Round 3 - including Semi Finals* 11:45am
Round 4 - Grand Final* and play offs 1:00pm
Medals Presentation conclusion of Grand Final


Round 1 - 9:45am
Game Court Team Score Versus Team Score
1 D Cranebrook HS 4 vs Condell Park PS 7
2 C Lake Munmorah HS 3 vs Chifley College Snr Campus 3
3 B Woolgoolga HS 8 vs East Maitland PS 0
4 A Heathcote HS 5 vs Carenne School 3
5 E Figtree HS 7 vs Brooke Avenue PS 1
6 F Narooma HS 6 vs Kilara HS 0
7 G Casino HS 2 vs  Armidale HS 5
8 H Newcastle HS 0 vs Wagga Wagga HS 9


Round 2 - 10:45am
Game Court Team Score Versus Team Score
9* (QF) D Condell Park PS 1 vs Lake Munmorah HS 3
10 C Cranebrook HS 9 vs Chifley College Snr Campus 1
11* (QF) B Woolgoolga HS 6 vs Heathcote HS 0
12 A East Maitland PS 2 vs Carenne School 4
13* (QF) E Figtree HS 1 vs Narooma HS 3
14 F Brooke Avenue PS 5 vs Killara HS 3
15* (QF) G Armidale HS 2 vs Wagga Wagga HS 6
16 H Casino HS 4 vs Newcastle HS 3


Round 3 - 11:45am
Game Court Team Score Versus Team Score
17* (SF) D Lake Munmorah HS 2 vs Woolgoolga HS 3
18 C Condell Park PS 6 vs Heathcote HS 0
19 B Cranebrook HS 5 vs Carenne School 1
20 A Chifley College Snr Campus 4 vs East Maitland PS 5
21* (SF) E Narooma HS 4 vs Wagga Wagga HS 0
22 F Figtree HS 2 vs Armidale HS 6
23 G Broove Avenue PS 5 vs Casino HS 3
24 H Killara HS 2 vs Newcastle HS 7


Round 4 - 1:00pm
Game Court Team Score Versus Team Score
25* - Grand Final E Woolgoolga HS 4 vs Narooma HS 1
26 - Playoff 3 / 4  D Lake Munmorah HS 1 vs Wagga Wagga HS 6
27 - Playoff 5 / 6 C Condell Park PS 0 vs Armidale HS 10
28 - Playoff 7 / 8 B Heathcote HS 4 vs Figtree HS 3
29 - Playoff 9 / 10 A Cranebrook HS 4 vs Brooke Avenue PS 3
30 - Playoff 11 / 12 F Carenne School 11 vs Casino HS 1
31 - Playoff 13 / 14 G East Maitland PS 1 vs Newcastle HS 10
32 - Playoff 15 / 16 H Chifley College Snr Campus 3 vs Killara HS 4
Position Full Name School Name Email Phone
Disabilities Programs Project Officer Rebecca Hanrahan School Sport Unit 9707 6900

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